Astonishing Hotels of the World

1. Genting Highlands (Malaysia):

This is very amazing and truly overwhelming. It has 6,118 rooms and largest hotel of the world according to Guinness World Records.
You can visit first world plaza, shopping center and Spanish courtyard lobby that are attached with this hotel.

Setting a world trip? Check out these most amazing hotels of the world. You would definitely love to stay in each and every hotel of this list.

2. Hotel Marques de Riscal Elriego (Spain):

It is a very famous hotel of Spain. It is designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. It was completed in 2006 and its cost is estimated $100 millions.
Its style is very wondrous and shows great attraction  to its viewers.

3. Dog Bark Park Inn Cottonwood (USA):

This beautiful hotel is located in USA. Inside of this beautiful hotel a bed and breakfast guesthouse that is decorated with carvings. You can see a beagle‘s belay, a loft room and several sleeping spaces. The name of this beautiful doggie is Sweet Willy and the little one beside him is known as Toby.

4. Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel Arau Creek (Brazil):

It is located 35 miles away from Manuas in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. You can only imagine a hotel built-in the Amazon Sea and in the forest.

5. Daspark Hotel (Austria):

It is based on a unique idea. It offers small rooms in drainage pipes that are smallest hotels in the world. This unique and amazing hotel built-in 2004.

The tubes that have been used three  wall paintings by Austrian artist Thomas Latzel. Each tube weighs 9.5 tones. This hotel is fairly cool in the summer and still warm in winter. This hotel is only open in may to October.

6. Bubble Hotel (France):

This beautiful hotel is situated in a park of Roubaix, France. The Bubble Hotel is a combination of different Bubble rooms. These Bubble rooms are made with recycled plastic and kept under pressure by silent blower. These are given on rent as a hotel room.

The bubble blows out to 13 feet across, complete with a king-sized bed. The view of surrounding that bubbles is very attractive.




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