Buckingham Palace as a luxury hotel?

Buckingham Palace, London, England from the en...

The bold plans of heir to the throne Prince Charles to move to Windsor Castle upon becoming king may have the Buckingham Palace be converted to a luxury hotel. This is according to a new book written by Andrew Marr.

The book “The Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and Her People”, the prince is planning to assert his authority as head of the Royal family and move his court from the Buckingham to Windsor.

Marr, a journalist working for the BBC, claims that Buckingham Palace may be converted to become a historic luxury hotel an a center where important events can be held

The author wrote about the dramatic and audacious idea of the Prince of Wales but the spokesperson of the Royal Family denied of any plans to move the whole family from the Buckingham Palace.

The Buckingham Palace is considered as among the top tourist attractions of London and it will be more high profile when guests can be allowed into the grounds or stay overnight as a hotel guest

Source: journeyetc.com

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