New Possible designs of Kuwait International Airport

Some people hate going to airports since a lot can be a bit crowded and traffic can be bad in a lot of places. But there are airports which can be a good destination themselves. You are not flying out but just going to the airport to dine, or maybe for a cup of excellent tea, spot airplanes, or simply be amazed with the the airport’s beautiful structure. Not all airports can convince you to do that but you might just nod when ask if you’ll try it at the Kuwait International Airport.

Well not now, but a few years from now after Foster + Partners have designed the new magnificent Kuwait International Airport.

Look at the pictures below and you might just appreciate the lines, curves, and overall beauty and of the designs even if you do not care about architecture.

At the moment, Kuwait International can process around 7 million passengers per year. This is not good enough and they want to build an airport which can handle 50 million travelers annually. The new terminals will be carefully planned so possible expansions will be easy to execute. The future Kuwait International airport is also aiming to receive the LEED Gold green stamp of approval.

The initial renderings show a trefoil configuration which will make use of three wings that are symmetrical as gates for departure. The facade of each covers 1.2 kilometers while it extends up as from a central space to as high as 25 meters.

The roof follows a single canopy design with openings that indirectly lets natural light in. The shape of the whole structure takes inspiration from the traditional sailing boats of Kuwait.

Construction of the airport will kick off next year with completion slated as early as 2016.


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