The best restaurants in Las Vegas

There was a time when Las Vegas was not known for good food. Then during the early 90′s the priorities of developers shifted as casinos and hotels as great flavors introduced by chef Wolfgang Puck developed the palates of holidaymakers. Today, you can no longer keep up with the count as restaurants pop up providing a myriad of choices and flavors for foodlovers.

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Here are some of the best Las Vegas restaurants today where you do not gamble your money on mediocre cuisines and always end up raking in good reasons to come back :

DW Bistro

You cannot find this Sin City restaurant along the strip but DW Bistro along S. Fort Apache Road in Pine Plaza is among the best eateries in Las Vegas.

DW Bistro opened back in 2010 and has since been a tickling taste buds in Las Vegas. They serve Jamaican fused with New Mexican. They are lunch and dinner on regular days, and also brunches during weekends. Anything with curry and their baked and grilled meats are worth it of whatever goes out of your wallet.

You can find and contact them at 6115 S FORT APACHE RD PINE PLAZA, LAS VEGAS, NV 89148; Telephone number(702) 527-5200.


A few hops from the Vegas strip is Bacio by Carla Pellegrino which serves authentic Italian cuisines. The chef guarantees that only the freshest and best ingredients are used to prepare their salads, pastas, and other dishes.

The motto for the preparation of food is simplicity and just letting the natural flavors of the food take over the dish. Some favorites include the crispi calamari, classic pasta, and they also serve excellent seasonal risotto. Bacio also has a very good list of wines which help bring out the best flavors of their dishes.

You can find and contact them at 3801 LAS VEGAS BLVD S LAS VEGAS, NV 89109; Telephone number             (702) 739-2222      .

China Poblano

Do not be misled by the name. This is not a fusion place but the chef wants his diners to experience the connection between the Chinese flavors and Mexican food. Both cultures are well represented on their menu. The flavors will truly take you back back in time when the galleons of Spiain carried peppers to China and spices and fruits from the Far East reach Mexico.

You can find and contact them at 3708 LAS VEGAS BLVD S LAS VEGAS, NV 89109; Telephone number(702) 651-2432.


Forte is a tapas bar and bistro which lets you enjoy some home cooking European style. The spotlight are on the regional specialties from countries like Spain, Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria among others. The tapas are definitely a cultural delight plus you will not run out of choices of good vodkas.

You will not run out of choices from their long menu. Try their Chorizo mac and cheese; jamon serrano served on fresh tomatoes; Selyodka which is herring with dill,onions, and potatoes; beef stroganoff on rice or potatoes; Kashkaval Pane which is yellow cheese from Bulgaria which is breaded then fried; or how about octopus in olive oil? Ah, the list goes on and on.

You can find and contact them at 4180 S RAINBOW BLVD SPRING VALLEY TOWN CENTER, LAS VEGAS, NV 89103; Telephone number             (702) 220-3876

Bratalian Neopolitan Cantina

This restaurant will make you feel that you have warped in the heart of Naples as they serve you the best Italian dishes. The tag team of chef that runs this restaurant are sisters and they have put this up in honor of the cantinas in Naples. They say that they only use the best ingredients as you will notice the difference in quality and flavor when you use inferior quality of pasta, tomatoes, or cheese, or any other ingredients. When you see their menu, they pretty much serve everything that you have in the Italian pasta vocabulary.

You can find and contact them at 10740 S EASTERN AVE HENDERSON, NV 89052; Telephone number(702) 454-0104.

D.O.C.G. Enoteca

D.O.C.G. Is the wine bar to be when you are in Las Vegas. The acronym actually stands for Dnominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita which refers to the best Italian wine origin. Aside from the excellent wine collection, D.O.C.G. Also serves pasta, pizza, chops, and steaks. The ambiance is also very rustic with touch of bricks and woods.

You can find and contact them at 3708 S LAS VEGAS BLVD LAS VEGAS, NV 89109; Telephone number             (702) 698-7000      .

Bar + Bistro

If you are tired of the restaurants in hotels and casinos then head out to Charleston Boulevard and check out Bar+Bistro at the Arts Factory. The chef serves food with influences from Spain, France, Italy, and even Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, and Egypt. The food is beautiful, hearty, and assures a good burp after. You will not mind the sauce that might have stained your shirt a bit.

You can find and contact them at 107 E CHARLESTON BLVD LAS VEGAS, NV 89104; Telephone number(702) 202-6060.

Estiatorio Milos

This restaurant is under the brand of Milos which has restaurants in Athens, New York, Montreal, and soon in South Beach. If you want the best seafood, go here. It is considered as among the top Greek restaurants in North America.

Enjoy great the flavors of Greece while also enjoying the skyline of Las Vegas from the terrace of the restaurant. The ingredients are sourced from different corners of the globe and they are prepared in the subtlest yet most flavorful way possible.

You can find and contact them at 3708 S LAS VEGAS BLVD LAS VEGAS, NV 89109; Telephone number(702) 698-7000.

Soyo Korean Barstaurant

Craving for dumplings, rice cakes, or chicken wings? If these are your choices, head to the casual dining and drinking spot called Soyo Korean Barstaurant. The disco music can get pretty loud here though.

You can find and contact them at 7775 S RAINBOW BLVD LAS VEGAS, NV 89113.

Patisserie Manon

This bakery and bistro is where you can get the best French baked goodies like macarons, croissants, and napoleons in Las Vegas. This is a family business, Manon being the name of the daughter of pastry chef Rachel and bakery chef Jean-Paul.

You can find and contact them at 8751 W CHARLESTON BLVD LAS VEGAS, NV 89117; Telephone number             (702) 586-2666      .


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