Help! Hungry Crocodile Hunts Best

In this terrific picture you can see the crocodile’s attack on a big elephant. The crocodile caught the trunk of the elephant. This dramatic war was done in the South Lungwa National Park of Zambia

Crocks attack on the elephant

Crocodile is a very dangerous swimmer of the sea. It has very big and hard teeth and a strong tail. Some crocodiles are without tails. They are called Rottweiler. It always stay under the water and don’t afraid from anything. Lizard is a small sister of crocodile.

Crocodile is a great hunter. He doesn’t leave anything that has been caught by him. He uses various unique techniques of hunting. If you have an interest in adventure and want to catch the crocodile must see and get information how to save yourself from the hungry crocs.



Crocks attack on the neck of tertile

This picture is showing how the crocodile eating a turtle at Jardine River. This amazing photography is done by Bob Roberts.




What a sharpness of the teeth of crocodile? In this amazing it attacks on a big harmful snake.



Crock Atack on  a Little Shark

The crocodile attacks on little and tiny shark at Wildman River. This photography is done by Anthony Capogreco.




In this dengrious picture the crocodile attacked on Novon Mashiah.




A big crocodile is attacking on a longneck turtle at south of Darwin.




In this photo the crocodile is attacking on a little insect.




Wildebeest is a brave animal but, crocodile don’t miss any moment of seeking food so, it attacks on the wildebeest in the river of Kenya.



Crock is hungery

A hungry crocodile is ready for hunting with open big mouth.




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