Matrimonial site ended up with dating… WHAT?

If i say “Matrimonial site ended with dating”

some of you are going to react like this: oh really! WTF??  Woaah!

Yeah same happened with me.

Joking? oh really not….

It was snowy days in London and i just thought to skip my lecture & decided to sleep till late…..

Aaah what is this, same boring routine just  wake up then brushing my teeth then take shower… prepare the breakfast…..OOOH JESUS PLEASSSE gimme lil break; i deserve something different today. Have you ever thought of just get out of bed and do something scarry Oppppsss daring and just break into the ice of everything?? or atleast kick the ass of someone?? lol

‘Method to my madness’  That day i got the same thought actually ….Woke up lil late may be 3 o’clock in the noon. May be its lil late for me might be very late for every of you. “i know i am a lazy pumpkin!”

So lazy days…….Just got a thought to do something daring yet fun.Started to listen music & started surfing every other possible website,,,,,,,,,,oh no not that BLUE ONE, Don’t take me that way buddys.. ha ha ha…..Just Last night: while Mumbo Jumbo with my housemate in kitchen last night… she was talking that her mother wants her to get the registration on a “Matrimonial site” so that she could find a GOOD MATCH. 

She was serious but i thought why not i should register myself too…i started filling the registration form on that website and put some of my sensuous  display pictures…..

My age: 23

Looks: Good

Looking for the caste: any

Expections: His Salary at least RS 30K, Handsome, Highly educated, city guy, age should not be more than 28.

Here the story Begins:-

Stay tuned ! 


Got a feedback for me??

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