Monday Blues Again :-(

Oh God…

Why Monday again…. No don’t wanna go to work.
Give a break to this lil soul.
Although it was very long festive holiday after Diwali, Govardhan Pooja, Bhaiya Dooj but now i am habitual of sleeping soon and wake up late.
It was like 5 days long weekend and my mom made a long list of stuff that i was suppose to do on this lil vacation…. “I am  really a lazy ass”
My Long list for holiday was like this:-
{Green means done, Red means left}
  1. Cleaning up my cupboard 
  2. wash all the dirty stuff i have…. (ohh please don’t take it otherwise)
  3. Get my hair cut done
  4. Give a helping hand to mom in kitchen
  5. cleaning up my dressing table 
  6. Girly stuff including wearing new nail paint blah blah blah
  7. Learning some cooking. 
Oh Gosh! how lazy i am…
Hope my mom is convinced that I’ve cooked delicious pasta today and whatever i was too delicious than i expected…. just wanted to make her happy and i did it.
Love you MOM 🙂

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