Monday Blues hurts!

It is Sunday,,, its was off for 2 days and now its time to get ready and prepare myself to bear the Monday blues.
You won’t imagine that how much it hurts and gives me the pain…

Sometime it seems like i am in the middle of nowhere….


Aaaah so much busy schedule… have to give more then 12 hours per days for my job which i feel not even getting paid for as much as i am giving my best…

But today i am thinking to go office tomorrow and work from home as i am in online marketing so sometime its easy for me to work from home only…

Last Friday was really a bad day for me… reach office and felt like nausea/headache…

had to come back to home so that i cud take on some rest and as i am still like lil shaky so planning to stay at home only.

Hope i could get the permission to stay some and work from here only…..


Got a feedback for me??

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