Travel Freak Jobs

Are you a travel freak like me?
Hopefully YES thats why you are reading this blog…. but you pocket is not able to afford your travel expenses.
Dont worry “where there’s a will there’s a way”
Can’t afford to travel? You can if travel is part of the job.
MAYBE AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF CUBICLE-SHACKLED SERVICE you were handed a pink slip; maybe you left your job because you loved it so much it was beginning to dominate your life. Regardless of why, you’ve come to a realization – you want to travel, and you want to earn money while you do it.
You have several options like:-
Freelance writer/photographer- 
Let’s say you were a banker; why not start submitting articles to finance mags and journals? The point is to become location independent, and you don’t have to write about travel to do so.
ESL teacher
They’re easier to find in some countries than others, and requirements vary from a bachelor’s degree in any field to a master’s in education plus TESL certification. Based on my own personal experience, finding a job in Korea was the easiest and in many ways (when cost of living is taken into account) the best paying. Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam are also popular options.
Travel nurse
Who qualifies to be a travel nurse?
  • Registered nurses in most specialties
  • Dialysis nurses
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Advance practice nurses
  • LPNs/LVNs with 6 years of recent experience
  • Radiologic technologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech language pathologists
  • Nurse Managers
  • Other allied health care specialties
The pay and benefits are great, assignments can be long or short-term, and in many cases, housing is provided
Travel Agent
Because travel agents work as a middleman between travelers and hotels / airlines / tourism bureaus, they must typically have firsthand knowledge what they’re trying to sell, which means visiting plenty of new places.
Tour guide
This is the job for those who have figured out that “home” isn’t necessarily where they were born. If you’re in a place far from your home country that you chose because something about the culture, people, music, food, etc just spoke to you, what better way to earn a living than by sharing that passion with others?
Navy sailor
Doesn’t matter how the economy’s doing; the military is always hiring. While there are many reasons why this isn’t the best option for everyone, the positives of being a navy sailor are that you’ll be taken care of as far as health benefits and insurance, and you’ll absolutely get to see the world.
Yacht sailor
Know a little something about boats but don’t want to join the navy? Join a yacht crew instead. Seriously, there are plenty of rich folks out there with boats that need a few good men or women. Sail the world and live the good life while watching them live the high life.
Flight attendant
Salaries for air cabin crew members vary enormously based on the airline and experience, but in most cases you can expect to start higher than minimum wage. As a newbie, you’ll have less options as far as your schedule, number of flight hours, and the destinations you visit.
The good news: if you’re at least 21, aren’t what might be classified as “extremely” short or tall, and have a clean criminal background, you’re probably good to go. Some airlines may prefer you have some sort of degree, but it’s rarely required.

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