Kids are Gym

I am afraid of getting married just coz when i see my married cousins and friends and their devastated life with heave hectic schedule …

And their  ANNOYING kids 😉

Yesterday i was sitting and my cousin just came for a small get together

and… it was too much hot inside and her 3 kids were all banging

around…like “The gypsies roamed the woods” and she asked to to handle the middle one so that she can meet and talk to other ppl in the house..

That moment i realised that kids are like a gym or may b awesome than a gym…So what are those things which made me think that kids can be the great way to do a lil exercise without spending too much out side…

1. We bond. Instead of spending time away from the kids at a gym, I spend time with them. And get a great workout in throughout the day.

2. Work becomes play. It’s not exercise, it’s not a workout, it’s *play*. And that’s a whole different ballgame. Play is fun, it’s challenging, it’s easy, and yet it’s a great way to get in shape.

3. No cost. OK, kids aren’t cheap — but why not use them?  Saving money and stay fit — that’s all kinds of win.

4. It’s a lifestyle.  Work out at one time during the day, and then stay sedentary the rest of the day. It’s all throughout the day, every day, which means this is what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

5. It’s functional. When you do a bicep curl with a dumbbell, you’re making a motion that you never would do in real life — when have you ever lifted something heavy while keeping your upper arm fixed to your torso? Instead, when we lift heavy things, we bend at the knees, and use our legs, our torso, our shoulders, our arms — basically most of our body at once.


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