7 Wonders of The Natural World

Jeju Island:

This island is very awesome gift of nature to its viewers. It is a beautiful island of South Korea. Here you can enjoy the best moments of your life.

Jaju Island

Wonder means a creation by nature or by human that is very special for all and very amazing. Mostly people list out 7 wonders in the world which are top best in all over the world.

Everybody knows about the  most popular 7 wonders which created by human. But here you can see the 7 beautiful wonders according to current rating and creation by nature.

Nature always provides us the beautiful and wondrous gift which we can’t imagine. Here you can see and also get the new and amazing information about new wonders of world. You should sea and enjoy.

Great Barrier Reef:

It is terrific place in the sea of Australia. The tourism of Australia placed a small water polling booth which provides good water to its visitors. This amazing spot is located on the very small island of Uplon Cay.

Great Barrier Reef

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River:

This beautiful and amazing river flows in Philippines. It is 8.2 km long and flows through a cave before entering the South China Sea. That wondrous cave has outstanding large chambers and stylistic formations.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Sundarbans delta:

This green and delightful forest is located near the Ganges River. It is the largest forest that is grove by man. Here you can see the tigers and other animals.

Sundarbans delta

Limestone karsts:

Can you imagine thousands of isles and limestone karsts can be found a river? You can see these in Holong Bay at Vietnam. There you can see 450 mollusks that are surrounded with water.

Limestone karsts

Dead Sea:

This is a dangerous lake if salt that separates the boundary of Israel and Philistine. The salt is found eight times more than sea. So swimmers can’t swim easily in that water.

Dead Sea

Crystallized Limestone Caves:

These amazing caves are found in the beautiful Valley of Nahr al Kalb at Beirut. The caves have become by naturally flow of water.

Valley of Nahr al Kalb at Beirut

Source: thewondrous.com


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