Wok ON F- ire

Had a Yummy, Tasty & Delicioussss dine last night @ Wok on F. Ooooops! its Wok on Fire!

I was recently enlightened to the incredible menu of this Chinese restaurant  and have since become completely a big fan of this food spot. Coz of this great and yummy menu, i’ve started following a strange practice as many times as i visit this restaurant. I know we all suppose to have fresh/healthy food but every time i go there, AS USUAL i have to order my all time fav Chilli Garlic Noodles with lots of Vinegar with green chillies. and ask the store Manager to parcel the remaining noodles so that i could have it in Breakfast Next Morning….he he he 🙂

All you gonna say it CRAZY ME! for these noodles!

Either my stomach hurts or i Vomit! Whatever it is, at least i get cool photos to show and great stories to tell at the end of it all.

Hope you will enjoy the food too!








  • DSC_0198



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