Time to watch The Fast & The Furious 6

Huuuuh boring day!

Bunked my office to enjoy but what the heck, it is tooo much for me to sit at home…so i decided to my day to converted into come productive day like this:

woke up by 9 A.m, helped my mom in kitchen, went to my new house which is just constructed, decided the colour of wall paint, counted the lights we need etc, bought some lights and CHANDELIER for the drawing room. Went to decide the drawing room sofa. huhhhhh too much tired!

Have booked the tickets Finallly after a long hectic day, going to watch the fast and the furious 6 movie with my sweetheart?

How about you? How was your day?

If you have watched the movie then let me know the review!!!!


7 thoughts on “Time to watch The Fast & The Furious 6

  1. I’ve just come back from watching Fast 6, it was absolutely brilliant! Very pleased with it :’) and was surprised as well throughout! …Gonna go watch it again very soon! MUST WATCH!

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