Lakme Eye conic Kajal Review

TV Commercials, PR & Lots of Marketing convince us to buy a particular product.  And even i got convinced by the tv commercial of DSC_0328this Kajal after seeing the catie eye of Kareena.

When this product launched, I cringed because of the price. 199/-. Ouch. Not that I don’t see it’s a big pack but after experiencing the smudging problems with local kajal, i have shown the bravery & decided to invest in it as they have, in an offer, reduced the price to 150/- I was really excited that i don’t have to use lots of tissues to clean my smudged kajal now. Let happiness all around!

I don’t wanna waste your and my time to explain about packaging… how its looks like, colour of packet Blah blah blah…..Packaging looked sleek yet simple to me but i was more concern about the real product. Still check out the packaging here:

I was so excited and positive about this one and finally i opened the product, it looked like a dark kohl kajal to me and yes it really was, no doubt in that! tried here & there on my palm, hands just to give it a try. it was lil pencil sharp while i opened & looking liked a black pen to me 🙂  They Say: Don’t Judge the book from its cover.

DSC_0334            DSC_0331

Sorry i couldn’t take the clear pic of swatches on my hand 😦 still i hope my explanation will be enough for you to judge the product.  I applied the kajal and it really looked so dark when i applied (My mind said: finally got the product i wanted). Applied in on the lid as a liner, kajal and on underlids.

I believed what the packaging says: No Smudge till 10 Hour

All in Vein!  By 9 PM I must say, just after 3 hours my eye looked like i applied this kajal in the morning by 9 to 10 o’clock. It really looked smudgy like a cheap kajal.

I won’t suggest anyone to go for this product who are looking for the long lasting kajal in this price. Please ignore the kareena and marketing strategy and choose the right product for you. 

Clicked the pic after 3 hours of applying the kajal… Judge it yourself!




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