Himalaya Gentle Walnut Scrub & Clarifying Mud Pack Review

I bought both of the products together, as i have heard that Himalaya‘s products are more into natural. While having most sensitive skin on earth, i try to go for the natural products more. 


As you know me i don’t much care about the packaging, i am always more concern about the real product which i have paid for. It’s packaging is always very simple if compare with other expensive beauty products.

  1.  Walnut scrub: i got this scrub in 115/-, net weight of this tube is 100g and i really think its worth the price. If you are looking for the good yet gentle scrub then really for it. i would always say that don’t take a chance while choosing the products for your skin. right products will pay you back off.

The consistency and texture is created for sensitive skin. The thing which i really didn’t like is the smell, the smell is not very much harsh but as i have already used plain apricot scrub previously so my mind just compared the new scrub to that old one.

If you are not very much bothered about smell then its really a great product to purchase. i would give this product to 8 out of 10.

2. Mud Pack: Got it in 110/- and texture of this mud pack is really thick. I don’t like any thick creams or face packs to come in this type of tube thing.. These tubes really has small hole for the product to come out. To use this pack, you have to squeeze the tube really hard. It really doesn’t come in handy.

After you come over from squeezing the product, you have to take some bowl or anything to mix the product with few water drops. I got fed up of using bowl so i just wet off my entire face and slap off its thick layer.

After slapping off, i really got the bad itching on face (Really wanted to wash off my face) but then i just controlled myself to not go to near my messy wash basin. And it was fruitful to have patience… Really liked the product quality and great results… As tube says “Deep cleanses, firms and rejuvenates” the product proved itself, have to give 9 out of 10. Great product to come in Handy.



Got a feedback for me??

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