My Charm Bracelets Addiction!

While shuffling the different sites to write my Blog, i got amazed by these bracelets i’ve just seen and i couldn’t control myself to show you too (I am sure my choice is not that bad 😉 )

As I’ve to manage my own expenses so for now i am in the position to buy 2 or max 3 from all these cute charm Bracelets to fulfill thrust my Charm Bracelets.  i hope my mum is not seeing this particular blog  lol  🙂

I thought why not ask you guys which 3 of them should i go for? 

Good things i liked about them! 

1. Liked this coz golden colour go with everything, especially liking this dangling chain and leaf written “Green Sewn” on it!


2. The Blue Rock like thing reminds me the sea colour which is one of my favourite colour, and the chain around it is avant-garde.


3. This Bracelet have the same matching colour with one of my one piece chiffon dress.


4. It gives the feeling of a hot sunny day! when you are on the go with your shorts and light chiffon top on then it will surely add a chunkiness in your entire look.


5. Got the Vintage look at first sight, but after seeing it didn’t. The golden feather is giving the simple yet stylish look  and will surely add the “cherry on a cake”.


6. Golden & Silver Handcuff: Will look really amazing while going to a Sophisticated party with one piece dress on!




3 thoughts on “My Charm Bracelets Addiction!

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