Spinach Balls

Yummy Charismatic!


Spinach-Balls-Recipe-By-Cupcakepedia, vegetable, recipes and instructions, foodAll you need is some seasoned stuffing crumbs, frozen spinach (well-drained), onion, eggs, melted butter, and some Parmesan. Simple ingredients that you can buy anywhere, or maybe, you already have in your pantry. Mix them together and let the magical begin. Look at these cheesy spinach balls, I have to try them. So inviting.

Want to use up that pack of spinach in your freezer? Then you have found the right recipe. This is easy to make and totally delicious. Everyone in the family loves them, even the little ones. No more picky eats in the house, and lots of vitamins packed in these energy balls.

Interested? Why not check out the recipe and instructions over at The Kitchen is My Playground! The kitchen is my playground, too and I have lots of fun here. Hope you have your very own playground. Enjoy and have a great day. Pleaseā€¦

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