Chocolate almond non bake cake


chocolate non bake cake recipe by cupcakepedia, chocolate cake, sin cake, cake, dessert, food

Got a party coming up but don’t want to be stressed out preparing dessert on the party day? Then this chocolate non bake almond cake is for you. Not any chocolate cake, but a rich and moisturized chocolate cake packed with nutrition that will blow you away. You can prepare this cake two days in advance. And relax on the party day to enjoy all the funs with your friends. No more mess and running around in the kitchen. You can put on your best dress and sip that glass of wine that you deserve, with your loved ones around.

This is a very rich cake, so accompany it by custard, or something light such as orange sorbet, peach or tangerine. Pair it up with some fresh fruit is a good idea as well. Strawberries will be my choice. How about you? What is your favorite fruit to go with…

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