Got my Poppy back, finally!

Finally after a month! Huhhh… it was too long time for me to wait for him… you know why??

My Birthday was on 10th of May and my hubby gifted me a cute small pet…which was priceless… he stayed with me 2 dqys and i my mom realized that he was not able to walk properly from his back legs… which was really painful for me to see him like this…. and the consultant he might be having calcium deficiency so let him send back to his mother so that she could feed her.. i waited and get all the scans done but all in vein…it was some natural problem in his legs….

After loving him so much, felt bad for my small pet like son & it was really painful for me to send him back forever…..


But GOOD NEWS… finally i got his brother as a pet.. i am happy me (His mommy) and he is together always!


Happy Ending of the story! 🙂



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