Fruit Flag Pizza


Fruit-Flag-Pizza-Recipe-By-Cupcakepedia, banana, strawberry, pizza, baking, dessert, american flag, foodMake sure you like Cupcakepedia on Facebook to be updated every time I write a fantastic and tasty recipe from the Cupcakepedia land.
I always have fresh fruit in the fridge. To get the little ones have some fun eating fresh fruit, why not make the fruit into a Friday flag pizza when weekend comes? The kid will have a great time lining up all the colourful goodness of nature, and eating them as well.
This Friday fruit yoghurt flag pizza is simple to make. All you need is a cup of yoghurt, and some of your favorite fruit and some dough sheet that you can get from the supermarket.
Bananas, cherries, strawberries are all great choices. Love some freshness goodies for your weekend? Why not check out the recipes and instructions for this Friday fruit flag on Quick Dish and check out the recipe and instructions. It’s easy…

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