Summer Remixing & my sad story

I am really obsessed with the mix & match idea. We’re the group of 5 gals and i must say that i am the one who has the guts to carry any style. I always like my outfits to look lil sleek yet funky…And Neon was my obsession this summer, whether i am wearing the neutral tones outfit anyhow i have to give em a lil funky touch by adding some clutch in my hand or the neck piece. Sometimes ppl call me fashionista/or Fashion Guru.

And let me tell you how i got obsessed with the mix and match idea:- Our last trip to Bangkok was in March 2013 and in my busy working schedule, i got no time to do my shopping before we leave for the Bangkok. As usual i bought some of the outfits from here and there.. I was happy with my shopping as it took just 20 min to bought all my dresses. Finally i reached Bangkok and what i saw there.. I was the girl in some boring jeans and top. some time i felt myself a poor girl from the small town.. Some time i got so unsecured with my Handsome Hubby (i never like when some sexy hot gals are passing through and he see them ;P ) Then and there in Bangkok, i decided to some shopping, keeping mix & match idea in my mind.

Hope you also like the Summer Remixing idea!



Product Details:-

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