Dressing Trick for Pear Shaped Woman

Sunday! Usually a great day coz it so relaxing at-least for me after a hectic week @ office. Had great sleep and met my Pear shaped friend after the ages. Then i suddenly realized her enhanced personality coz of the way she was dressed up.. She was looking way more cool then she used to in her struggling days.

Pear is my favorite fruit and she is my wonderful pear shaped friend. However, peer-shaped women don’t always feel as wonderful as the fruit is. Imagine the shape of this fruit, similarly a pear shaped body tends to have a slim size of waist and breast and have fuller hips and legs. She often has heavy bums and legs &  and a flatter rear end on the upper area. A poked tummy can be seen very often in pear shaped bodies and is a source of much frustration and low self esteem for many of them.

The main traits of Pear shaped body are:

Generous hips and thighs (A bottom heavy shape).

• Narrow or sloping shoulders

• Wider bottom

• Smaller bust in comparison to the bottom

• Thin and slender neck

So you have got the hips babe! Too large his right? Of course, you can’t move your curves where we would like them best, neither can anyone can share each other’s waist nor cheekbones! we can just minimize them by putting some creative efforts?? But the question is do you have the courage to show and change the way to dress up to look like a walking pear 😛  We can of course share some tips of doing great mix and match and bring out the best in whatever body shape we have by emphasizing our assets and by taking focus off the bits we don’t like as much.

Pear-shaped women have a relatively slimmer upper torso and bigger hips, waists and thighs. Usually pear shaped ladies have narrower shoulders and a smaller bust compared to the waist and lower half of the body. While having this body you should wear clothes that minimize the hip and thigh area and wear designs that will draw the attention to the upper part of the body and also additionally the area below the knee to draw outward and lengthen that central area.

A common myth most of us have is to think that Pear Shaped women are overweight, this can be far from the truth as many pear shaped women can be quite skinny. Did you know?

Tops for Pear Shaped Women

You need to take emphasis away from the hips and draw it to the top half of your body. You can do this very easily by choosing the right  tops with the right style, shape and colours.

Tops should be fitted and not baggy to emphasize your well-defined waist. Avoid tops and short jackets that end at your bum because these draw the eye to your larger section of your body..

The most flattering tops for this shape should be of about three quarter length, this length effectively cover your less than flattering areas

As i said earlier It can be really fun to be lil creative with the dress you put on. In starting you can go wrong when choosing tops with colour, detail and pattern that will draw the eyes upwards and the neckline is the perfect place for detail. And one more good idea is mentioned in this blog  to easily escape from manipulative eyes is to wear some catchy necklace to so that are will draw most of the attention

Blouses and tops with beautiful patterns and textures draw attention up to your upper body up to your beautiful face. Striped jumpers can visually add inches to your top half to balance broad hips too.

Choose wider necklines like bateau, squared or cowl necks to show off the neckline and shoulders.

Winters for Pear Shaped Women

You should follow the same rule in this season too. Try out waist length or three quarter Jacket will cover your problem area without making you look bulky.

Always avoid shorter jackets and coats that end at your bum which will  draw the eye to your large middle section with a horizontal line.Shoulder detail can be flattering with a nice pattern.

Adding some Accessories to  your coat or Jacket can be a good idea. Add a colored scarf or broach, flower,  Wear lighter shades or more brightly colored tops can enhance your entire look

Skirts and Trousers for Pear Shaped Women

A-line skirts, wraps and dresses are the great suited for pear shape because they skim through those lovely curves without making them look baggy. Soft pleated Pants and skirts will accentuate your smaller waist areas.

Stay away from  loose  materials like Lycra because these will show up  those extra bumps rather than hiding them. Finally, dont forget to pick up a pair of  heels not only make look taller but to add a few inches to your legs to give you a sexy look.

Jeans Styles for Pear Shaped Women

Here’s a scenario: You see these really stylish jeans in the store on sale. You go to the changing room and try them on. You squeeze your hips into them and when you finally have them on, there’s a gaping space along the waist. Heart breaker, huh? Now you question in your mind that why don’t the designers and manufacturers come up with a pair of jeans for the Pears? (Baby Spice and Kate Winslet are Pears themselves.) But well, until they’ve caught on, we better work on with what’s available to us at the moment.

So Bootylicious, let’s start with the right bottoms for you: Stay away from  light and ‘washed look’ jeans as these kinda jeans will draw the eye to this area. Choose darker shades of denim to give a slimming effect. Darker blues, dark greys, blacks and browns are the best shades for you and will still give you that classical denim jeans look to enhance your personality.


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