Fashion quotient @ work


While I’ve chosen the theme of this week is to walk off with ‘minimal’ and let’s not forget that most of us are working women, here’s a quick snap on how to dress up elegantly for work. This look is assembled and can be transformed in any way you’d like. in my opinion, I would wear this look @ my work, again and again.


  1. . This is a look is sported by the perceptive lot of women, who usually know their Gucci from Pucci. Over here this 9XIS Womens Boyfriend Blazer can be paired with these Black Cropped Stretch-cotton Trousers.
  2. Pair off your look with the Charlotte Olympia “Dolly” Black suede and Gold accented Sling backs. The classic black suede combined with the elegant gold heel and platform makes this a seasonal must have.
  3. Being a fashion cognisant female, Rolex is a must have ornament to show off.
  4. Stay comfortable with this Jane Norman Pu Satchel Bagor if you want to play it up, Hang this bag on your arm near the wrist while walking on the street for a more appropriate work look.
  5. Accessories with this structured Gold Plated Alloy Crystal & Pearl Decoration Stud & Diamond Zacapa Ring to complete the look.
  6. Being Minimal yet sleek!  Like me, you won’t leave your house with your goggles & Celebration Foundation Set, Medium Beige to be sure to make your otherwise monochrome collection pop.


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