DIY – Bling Out Your Shades


While stalking on the web for all kinda cool ways to dapper up your shades, I got inspired to create my own beaded take on this tricked out style. It’s a way more delicate than flat-back Blingies, and a way more shiny than your sparkly nail paint. To know more about  beading your own stylish sunglasses, let’s check out down here.



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I used my old old pair of sunglasses, which i already thrown in Junk just coz its frame started looking dull to me,  they were not at all attractive anymore. so i just decided to bling them out only and give them a trendy look.

Here we go Gals!


Take the few drops of glue on a paper plate, Use the tooth pick to apply that generous amount of glue on your sunglasses. please don’t apply on your lips 😉 i like your talkative personality! 

Now here is a trick, Keep your eyes and mind open! To place your beads in a straight line, Use a sewing needle then press them into the glue and slide the pin out very slowly. YOU GOT ME, right!?


Lets continue  to cover the front area of your sunglasses. Did you notice that this pin is not only helped me to place the beads in straight line but helped me to apply the beads without getting glue all over my fingers as well! I decided to go with two tone of beads with light beads on top and silver beads on the bottom. I am sure you liked this idea.


In the middle area of your sunglasses you’ll have to be the most precise, and will probably have to change the angle a bit of your bead lines, like i did.


Let dry these sunnies overnight before wearing. lets beat the heat with our stellar style! 🙂


Got a feedback for me??

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