2 Easy DIY Hair Masks for Dry & Damaged Hair

Home Made Hair Masks | Girlxplorer.


Hi everyone,

Now that summer is already passed and winter season will be on its way soon. Lets put away all those chemical conditioners  and start repairing the DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR HAIR from all those hot days.  You can use a store-bought mask, or better yet, go the natural Homeopathic route by making your own DIY home made hair masks.  I can bet these two easy easy masks and tips will repair and nourish your strands and leave them looking shiny, healthy and ready for fall ^_^

Mashed Banana Hair Mask

Banana is not only a great fruit, but is also the perfect lightweight moisturizer for your thirsty strands. This mask is perfect for those of you with thinner hair – bananas contain potassium, which strengthens and fixes damaged hair without weighing it down.


1 Mashed Banana

1 Raw Egg

3 Tsp Milk

3 Tsp Honey


  1. Combine mashed banana, egg, milk and honey in a small bowl and mix well
  2. Apply the mixture to your hair
  3. Wrap hair in a shower cap and wait 30 minutes
  4. Rinse out in the shower
  5. Wash your hair using mild shampoo

Olive Oil Hair Mask

You already know that Olive oil is great while using in Kitchen– but did you know you can use it to nourish your strands as well?


2 Eggs

5 Tsp Olive Oil


  1. Blend the Oil and egg yolk together
  2. Apply to your hair, working from the bottom up to your scalp
  3. Wrap hair in a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes (this is a great time to use the egg whites for a Eye Soothing Mask!)
  4. Rinse out in the shower
  5. Wash your hair with mild shampoo

Quick Tip: Instead of using Hair Dryer right after you come out of shower, let your hair dry naturally until they are mildly damp. Then use the Hair Dryer.

Be gentle while combing your hair

Have you ever tried one of these DIY masks? Do you make any of your own hair masks at home? Tell me in the comments!


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