Beauty Secrets Revealed by Backstage Artists!

Beauty Secrets Revealed by Backstage Artists! | Girlxplorer.


 Light! Camera! Action!

Show must go on, you better believe, backstage artists are using every expert trick up their sleeves to make sure to give their best @ show after show. From sunkissed look year round to remove stubborn glitter polish, here’s their tricks to get the flawless skin. Lets steal some tricks from the known backstage artists e.g (Diane Kendal, who created gilded lids using Lancôme for Jason Wu) :

1. To apply glitter, Backstage Artists always use a wet brush before dipping into the makeup to prevent the flakes from falling down on cheeks.

2. Do you know how backstage artists achieve an even red nails? let the nail brush fan out while while applying it. Did you ever realize, the red polish gets too thin when keeping the brush straight? Always start with the brush at the cuticle, fan it out, and half of the nail is done already! Don’t be afraid to give lil extra pressure to the brush.

3. To achieve the sunkissed look, Backstage artist Alice Lane for Maybelline suggests not to be afraid to apply foundation just one shade darker than your skintone. Blend thoroughly with a brush.

4. Give your braid a shabby chic, lived-in feel by gently pulling out pieces from the braid. To keep the look together with just the right amount of messiness, finish with great hairspray.

5. To get the quick & smooth pedicure, make sure to start with a layer of ridge filling base coat since toenail surfaces tend to be more uneven.

6. To get the beach waves, Instead curling entire strands just so the middle section of hair leaving the roots and ends out. To finish, instead of brushing, spray head with dry shampoo and tousle. This will not only help hold the style, but also perform double duty to soak up any grease or oil that may form during the day.

7. Removing glitter enhanced nail can be a tough task at times. Soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover and letting it sit on the nail for a minute can ease nail polish removing process.  Never file the glitter off—no filing the natural nail ever!

8. Quick Tip: To create instant dewiness, mix a drop of lotion in your hands and press into face and cheeks.

9. For a sleek low ponytail, always make sure that hair is tight to the scalp. To prevent unwanted volume and add shine slick your hair back with pomade before tying with an elastic.

10. Give  multi-dimensional look to your lids by Adding a shimmery glow with the help of clear lip balm over eyeshadow.

Which beauty tricks will you steal?


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