Fashion Runway Beauty Secrets

Backstage Beauty Secrets | Girlxplorer.

lookcover_560x375_bIf you’ve ever wanted to look like one of the girls from the runway at fashion week but have never been able to pull it off at home then here are many tricks of the trade from hair and makeup. Here are a few exclusive ideas that’ll actually help you to look like one of those dramatic catwalk Cats ;)

Keep your hair grimy  If you ever seen a fashion runway stylist working on a model’s hair, you would have noticed they do apply a lots of product to work it through the hair. The reason is, Hair that’s freshly washed is too much slippery and unbalanced to do much styling. To get that extra hold and tackiness, your hair needs to be unwashed while you style them.

Artistic manicures on false nails Did you know! For fashion runway shows, many of the particularly fashion-forward nail looks are completed on false nails first, and then they are applied to the model’s fingers. While this is very much because false nails can be applied speedily and removed without more ado so the models can move on to their next fashion runway show as it is so much easier to work on a unwavering object than on a real person’s nails. True?

Get an ombre lip For an edgy-looking ombre lip, Most of the makeup artists apply eye shadow on pout like I discussed in my last blog (Party-Perfect Ombre Lips) Wearing ombre lip is too much in trend these days, If you’re looking for something more wearable then you can do choose the combination of colors of your choice and create a look of your choice to achieve similar results.

“Waste” your mascara on lashesExaggerate, thick and even gloppy-looking lashes can be hard to achieve at home for most of the gals when mascaras are designed to keep lashes clump-free. Breaking a tube open and dip your lash wand more enthusiastically into the mascara will help you get more product on it without being partially cleaned off when you pull the wand from the tube. This way you can you can put loads on product to make your lashes look thicker and heavier.

Do you have any runway beauty secret to share with me? 


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