Get Ready In 10 Minutes (Or Less)

C’mon it’s Already 10…. Yeah Cominggggg!

Do you face the same problem every single day??

No Big Deal!

From my careless, effortless style to a brand new, ahead-of-the-trend beauty aesthetic, here are some insider secrets and personal musings. Check out these tips for getting ready in a hurry.

Scenario: It’s 8 am and you are still sitting straight up in bed, covered in your cozy blanket and enjoying morning winteness & your eyes dart straight to your buzzing alarm phone. Shoot! You’ve overslept and needed to leave, like, 20 minutes ago! As you wanted to have a short meeting with your friend before office. So how would you get ready (and actually look good!) when you’re down to the eleventh hour?

Believe me its easy! You just need to have a right plan for you:

  • Reduce your time with the right clothes.

Keep two emergency comfy outfits ready at all times, based on the season. It means, go home tonight and match up two failsafe ensembles. Try them on to make sure you like how they look on you and remember when you’re in a nip. If all fails, go with all black and wear great pair footwear along with one quirky accessory to make you look stand out.

  • Hook on double-duty beauty products.

Multitasking beauty products are actually a modern miracle. Who knew a kajal stick could double for Kajal and EyeLiner? To get ready on the fly, wash your face with cold water to revitalize your facial appearance. It would be a great idea if you can use eye drops to wake up your tired sleepy eyes. Next, apply your favorite brightning moisturizer with SPF in it so that you don’t get those extra minutes to look for the SPF in you beauty stock. Then, use a cheek stain on your cheeks, as well on your plump your pouts.  To add a healthy glow. Finally, take few seconds to curl your lashes and swipe on two coats of your favorite volumizing mascara. Trust me, Curled lashes are the great way to make you look alive — like zombies…..Grrrrrr Kidding, Yes it really opens up your eyes . As for lip color, you can apply lipstick or gloss en route to your friend.

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