Is Premature Graying Curable?

Grey hair has become a common problem these days especially it can been seen in youngster and even in teenage. No doubt, this issue can be overcome by caring your hair with the help of great herbal products and home remedies. Lots of people have the same question.

Question: Is Premature Graying Curable?

Answer: It may be or May not be, actually it depends on how long one is able to continue with the treatment. Which is a natural/herbal treatment. If you take care of your hair and you owe the right treatments then obviously YES Premature graying part can be stopped. But the hair which is grey because of the age factor can’t be stopped as it’s a natural process of nature. So here are couple of tips you can follow:-

  • Remedy 1

1 cup of Rosemary, 1 cup Sage, 4 cups water, 1 Tsb Castor Oil, 1 Tsb Olive oil

Boil Rosemary and Sage in Water, Let it boil till the water reduces half of its quantity.  After done with boiling part and both of the oils in mixture. Apply this mixture into your roots. Leave it over night. It will nourish your hair from the roots. Next morning, steam your hair for 5 to 7 min and wash it naturally.

Rosemary and sage together works as a hair conditioner, nutrient and combining oil nourishes your hair.

Read More here: premature graying of hair | Girlxplorer.


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