Santa Hat French Manicure

Hi Beauties!

We’ll be celebrating Christmas Day just after few hours and Mr Santa will be on hisway to bless us and cherish our dreams. On this very special festive, let’s enjoy have some fun and dress like a Santa!

Dress up is not gonna take much of your but what manicure you need, can be very confusing! So All we need is a simple yet fun manicure that will make Christmas more fancy & Glamorous.

Let’s Start!

Be ready with your Red, White, Black and Clear Nail Paint.


Apply Red Nail paint onto your clean tips. Which is going to be the red part of Santa’s Hat. Don’t worry about the edges, Its ok if the edges are nor clean as they will be covered.


Now it’s turn to use our White Nail Paint which will showcase as a white band of Santa’s hat. Take your dotting tool or anything with the round tip (i used my paint brush tip) and create dots to cover the red inside edge line. Read more : GirlXplorer — Exploring beyond the limits..


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