5 Things that Justify My Weired Love for Vaseline

I’ve got feelings for it, u know!

Oh, My Love Vaseline! Thou art more greasy and much more fragrance-free than any other product in the market. You are my Friend in Need and the wind for my wings underneath. (OMG did I ever tell you guys about my Cloak-and-dagger obsession? WE NEED TO TALK SERIOUSLY.)

Just to be clear, when I say Vaseline, I’m talking about the clear petroleum jelly. I have always held Vaseline since my teenage.

My favourite thing about Vaseline, apart from the super-low price and non scented (MUST every cream smell like lavender or Rose?), is that I’m using it in different ways. Here is my extensive list:

My New Makeup Creation

Vaseline can use as a base for all kinda new makeup creations. I’m sure its a perfect way to finally use the cheap stuff you got in gift last time;)

When I couldn’t find the purple lipstick matched with my eye shadow anywhere, I made my own, using purple eyeshadow and Vaseline. I just scraped up my Purple 3D Eyeshadow and crushed it into a powder, added a dab of Vaseline, mixed it well and I was basically Rihanna for a couple of hours ;)

You can also turn powder eyeshadows into a long lasting cream eyeshadows by using some Vaseline, or turn your powder blush into a dewy creamy one.

Read More: 5 Use of Vaseline | Girlxplorer.


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