MAC Lipstick Finishes – And my Fav Quick Picks

I loved lipsticks in my childhood and I remember testing out my mom’s lipsticks as a child and felt so grown up.

When I got bit older, no more love for lipsticks and lip gloss was more du jour. My return to lipsticks began when I got my first-ever MAC lipstick as a gift from someone. The colour! The texture! The consistency! WOW it was enough to be fan of Lipsticks.

It smelled less like traditional lipstick. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, and I can’t own lipsticks that smell like granny lair. The great thing which I’ve always appreciated is their tastelessness of MAC’s lipsticks, because I tend to lick a lot of it.

So, thanks to MAC, I’m a lipstick girl again. Even though these lipsticks are somewhat costly then others like each tampon looking black tube will cost you around Rs. 999 but this brand surely makes some of my favourite Picks, and I am forever buying these ones hollaaaa!

Over the years, I have learned and experienced that there are about a million different types of MAC lipsticks– but in seven categories and I’m here to break it all down for you.


The MAC lipstick counter can look overwhelming if you don’t speak MAC. But here are the seven most popular finishes that make up their standard lipsticks–the ones in the black tampon-looking tube. Read more: What is the price of mac lipstick in india? | Girlxplorer.


2 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Finishes – And my Fav Quick Picks

    • Dear Eram, Even I’ve Fair Skin (Indian) and My fav Pinks are Ampassioned, Fanfare and Love Lorn but I am not very much into neutrals…

      I would suggest you to go to the MAC counter/Kiosk, pick some of shades you like and ask them to apply on you, so you can have a better idea which one suits you the most as per your skin/eye tone/personality 🙂

      Where are you from Eram?

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