10 Bathroom Must-Haves To Make It A Less Nerve-Racking Space

Ignore scented candles, flower petals and music. The most relaxing bathroom is a prepared one by you.

I just temporarily claimed the awful bathroom in country, it is definitely the smallest but that doesn’t have to be his stressful. Think that handicapped paid bathrooms on platforms & metro stations called “Sulabh Shauchalaya”; now recall their shower and few empty looking cabinets in it. That’s my bathroom. Let’s call it a “cushy,” bathroom for positivity’s sake, shall we?

I’m sure It will be the inspiration for those who have too small bathroom in which they have to wash the face the old-fashioned over-the-sink way.

So here is my final list of ten things you need to make your bathroom more happiest and less stressful place –which, to me, means ready-for-anything more so than shower-like–it shouldn’t be surprising for anybody that my top suggestion is…

Wet Wipes

Even if you’ve been given the greatest blessing from you family or Boyfriend (a large bathroom), keeping wet wipes in the bathroom cabinet is a must. As a girl, you must be knowing the important of cleaning your face before you go to bed, right? So even if you stumble in from a late night party or just-finished-up with a late night dinner, it is you kids do these days. This is an easy way to de-makeup and showcase you Vamp looking face.

A Good Light System

I  have very small size window so natural lighting is a foreign concept to me.

Luckily, there are a numerous of light bulbs are available in market nowadays that do a darn good job mimicking natural light and gives you a more accurate look to your skin and makeup.

Read more: Small Bathroom Storage Ideas | Girlxplorer.


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