Quick Fixing my Yellow Nails Because I just used Turmeric

They’re not at all cute to stare all day. 

I am food obsessed and trying to make everybody a foodie in my family. To be a lil more loving and caring, I am acting more as a housewife and cooking two times a day myself, where I spend most of my time “accidentally” trying and experimenting with new spices to make delicious Indian Curry. Picking and breaking the tiny treats of everything I cook to taste them.

Sadly, though, I’m working towards veganizing my diet until some brilliant genius Sandwiches comes up with a vegan version. To pretend as a good Indian Cook, I have just sprinkled few pinches of turmeric powder to get a yummy Indian Tadka. Now what else can I see?

My dirty, messy yellow nails showered in Turmeric! WTF

How about my manicure I just got it last week?

I need to quick fix my nails without spending again… In an effort to avoid total heartbreak, I’ve found my way to quick fix them in my life: French Manicure!

Step 1DSC_0176Find a French Manicure Kit or make it yourself by collecting all the stuff you need.

Pick a Plucker and French Nail Tip Guides. I got few packets from U.S.A

Read More:  How to do French Manicure? | Girlxplorer.


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