10 Things I hate about Pregnancy


I got married from almost 1 and half year back and advised to get pregnant every so often! Do I really need to be now?

For some reason, pregnancy is a so glorified in our Indian society and made out to be the best ever moment in one’s life. “kids are called the the god’s gift & a valid reason for Indians to believe, after all they have 33 crore Indian devi’s and devtas” 😉  Of course, for so many women like my best ever friend Sara, it is. But for the others, like me, it’ll be an exact opposite. Sara have experienced flawless pregnancy — she didn’t gain extreme amounts of weight, she felt quite energetic and enjoyed every moment and milestone those days without ever feeling sick and millions of vomits ;)

But there are quite enough reasons she has shared, which made me hate about being pregnant!

  1. I’ll no longer enjoy a hilarious laugh or even experience an spontaneous sneeze without peeing myself a smidge.  I will surely invent something for me to wet myself just a tad throughout the day ;0 .
  2. The dead-of-night surprise of sudden foot cramps so painful to shoot out of bed from a sound sleep and start bouncing around the house on one foot while holding big balloon from other and hooting, “Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch” like a cartoon character. Somehow hubbies sleeps right through this drama every time it happens. Which will just make me to poke him awake and say, “Man, you’re the one to be responsible for those rough cramps, How could you even sleep?”
  3. I’m already so sensitive to bed smell and seeing bad stuff… God knows, how many efforts I do to pick up my pet’s poop. My Hubby, who is extremely attached to this little frog potty pot in my washroom and refuses to use a regular toilet in night. Both peed and pooped in the little potty, Sometime makes a delightful poopy soup. How will my Pregnancy nausea will struggle with this Smelly Glamorous Shit???.

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