Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas

Hug Day Pretty Couple WallpaperIn love? Well, Good for you!

You feel like as though you’re running through a wildflower-carpeted grass land holding hands of each other and laughing. Exactly you don’t need any advice to make love and celebrate your day with special one you could celebrate it by sharing some love and a pack of Juicy Fruit at the local cafe and it would still look like the best day of your life.

Married from years and want some joy and a time away from daily chores ? It’s a great life, but maybe not always that .sexy. A change of wallpaper is important sometimes so Get on the Road!  Escape for a romantic Getaway. No matter where you are on the roller coaster of romance, few tips can help your holiday to make it memorable and fun.

  1. Plan Something. If you fall into the New Couple category, its the best to ignore this tip — your only activity is “being in love.” That’s it! Rest of you Gals! Don’t try to look a poor chap girl sitting & waiting to get initiated to have fun by the partner, Com’on you’re the girl from 21st century… Stand up, Do something active and brand new activity with your longtime love to fire the flames of your boring relationship again. Skiing, evening walk on the beach, watercolor class, yoga, exhaustive research into local cafe…Look for a destination that offers something you always wanted to try once in your lifetime. I bet you’ll feel more alive in life.

2. Rose petals in the bathtub could do the Magic. A bottle of champagne or chocolate-dipped strawberries are the things from past. It’s a great idea to present your love with something unique — like new spelunking equipment — Call ahead and check if your hotel or any club has a V-Day special offering.  If not, most hotels will be happy to arrange something great for you like champagne and flowers and good music with a candle light dinner. Traveling with buddies? Skip this step and go directly to the spa or mountain bike trails.

More here: Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas | Girlxplorer.


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