Bingo Inspired Fashion Trend!

Retro and Greek:

Bingo has been making a comeback in this modern age where hipster culture is rampant among the youth. The love of bingo and anything old school has sprung a new age of creative fashion and style that not only defies branding, but also creates a sense of personal customization that is unique as the individual who wears it. The best part of hipster fashion? Most of it is pre-loved items.



Nothing represents the 50’s and the 60’s like bingo. The iconic red and white, stripes of different colours and polka dots may not be gracing the red carpet anytime soon, but it’s a great design for nail art. It’s easy to make, starting with a white base, then using different colours to draw the stripes. It’s a simple design you can embellish on and you can keep changing them to suit your needs. Apart from stripes, you can also do dots with bingo daubers. Working with a white background allows you to use the coloured pens from this timeless game.

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