Celebrate a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Girls, Valentine’s Day is on its way and soon couples will be all wrapped in Love. I bet it might be one your favorite holiday and you want your men to make you feel so differently. The best way to make this day exclusive for both of you is to make it awesome. This is the year when you will bring the wood on Valentine’s Day and trust me It’s really not that difficult.

“Passionate Love” is something that I think a lot of couples miss, in spite of everyone desiring it — especially you girls. The basic rule you need to accept on Valentine’s Day is that it’s all about you. There’s everything about you on this day. It’s a bitter fact but you’ve got to become the most selfish women out there at-least on Valentine’s Day. You deserve to get the royal treatment by your partner from beginning to end, regardless of how you feel on regular days.

To be honest with you darlings, I think Valentine’s Day is a useful holiday. I know I’m not the only girl who feels this way to bug off . Every women wants to feel special on this day. From the moment, we wake up in the morning, we’re waiting for our Valentine’s Day surprises, like kids on Christmas, Right??

If you stay together and he does nothing in the morning before you go to work, take it like he has already spoiled his day himself. He has already made you anxious and going to hear from you all day long.

So my suggestion to all of you guys: Wake up, Cook her breakfast, make her coffee and send her out with a cup to go. Bonus points if you bought some Fresh Red Roses last night and give her in bed before she ready to take bath.

Do special you don’t normally do on regular days. That way, when she reach office and hears her colleagues saying “You won’t believe what my partner did,” she’ll be able to enjoy the conversation as well as share her romantic experience, too.

Once, the flowers from her colleagues’ husbands and boyfriends start showing up, all the women are going to be gossiping. So make sure that on Valentine’s Day you don’t skip to send her a gift to the office — something cute, maybe just a card with the expressions of your feelings for her, or one flower, or maybe just an email with a romantic song. Or maybe you can send her few songs about the way you feel about her during the day — something unique, because she’s going to be talking to girls as well as waiting some special feelings all day long .

That’s what women do — she doesn’t want to feel like she is ignored on Valentine’s Day, especially in front of anyone else.

This day, just forget about the meetings and the expensive restaurant meal. She already knows, you can spend in restaurant. Create the most intimate picnic you’ve ever had at home to make her feel so special.

And that special picnic is going to be in your living room. Just light the entire living room with candles and put on some great music. Put  some rose petals all along the blanket and keep some heart shape balloons in the entrance of your house. Now make sure to create romance as she walks in. Tell her to be at house in the evening because you have a great surprise for her.

Suggest your girl to wear something that makes her look sexy. She will be walking in, music will be playing, candles lit all around, and you guys are going to sit down in the middle of your living room to have a picnic with a  bottle of nice wine. So far this Valentine’s Day will be the most romantic one, she will ever have.

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