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Hi Everyone,

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” – Maya Angelou

How was your day with your Mens?? Well, mine was like, I had mixed feelings about Valentine’s Celebrations. On the blog, I looked so much excited with mindful of interesting ideas about V-day but on the other hand side, I didn’t carry enough plans to celebrate it with my men.

After spending all day alone, seemed like just another Friday to me, By 6 o’cl. I was given some sudden instructions to wear something classy and let me tell you, everything just turned out to be so well-planned for V-Day celebrations. Wooooahhh everything happened Unexpectedly great!!

Last time, I shared the idea to Enjoy whatever it is,  

“For few, Valentine’s Day can be a red velvet-covered minefield of overly expectations. If you catch yourself staring at your beloved continuously about half way through a 17-dish tasting menu with a hungry belly and wondering “Really? This is it? This guy?” — Chill and sit at your back! Valentine’s Day is just a day for some nice romantic excuses. Appreciate the ambiance, the food, the wonderful, perfectly-imperfect person across from you, yourself an everything around you.”

Check out my, Big, Fat & Juicy Valentine’s Celebrations here”



 via My Big, Fat & Juicy Valentine’s Celebrations in Pics | Girlxplorer.


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