15 Things I will Try to Explore Blessings in Life – My Story

Happiness and sadness can run parallel like train tracks in life. I only want to focus on the blessings in life!


After Marriage things have changed… Few are great and few odds. I’ve become so stubborn & sometimes difficult to handle. Small fights just take a hold on my mind and I won’t think anything whole day to make them even more worse. Do I really wish my life to get worse? Why can’t I choose a different way to see my life in better position. Why can’t I bring smile back to the people I fought with? Why can’t I let the small fights fly lightly like a feather and forget in minutes.

Yes, I really need to change the way I look into this world and enhance my life & relations for the good and for the future!

February 2014 will be the month of past and March will be showing up soon. This (March) whole month will be implemented as a Happiness Happens Month, so here are twenty things, I’ll be performing randomly each day to promote my happiness and increase happiness in my marriage and relations.

Be in the minute. Since happiness is in my determination, let’s decide to stay happy each moment and enjoy what that moment is offering to me. Past is gone and can not be changed, rather then regretting, I’ll try to get a better future because the future and all it’s worries has not happened yet. Be present at very moment and purpose in my heart to be happy in the very now.

Take my Bruzzo (Pet) for a walk. He is here for me! He came for me. I am suppose to be responsible for his everything including his health, food, playing, walk, toys etc. He is here when I need a friend & when I need someone to laugh with or to play with. It really reliefs the mental stress when he jumps on me at the funniest moments; lick my face or purr; bring joy and companionship. Makes me to feel to be loved and to love for life and everyone around me :)

LOL – Laugh out loud. Either I’ll Turn on the TV and Watch the comedy show or have fun with Family or pull out the old funny pics of mine with old friends to laugh out loud and roll on the floor. Laughter is good for the soul.

Scent the air. (Necessity for me ;) coz of Bruzzo Potty habits) Citrus scents like Orange or Lemon add an instant burst of joy, and deeper scents like Rose and Sandalwood help relieve stress and bring peace. So try to indulge in them. 

Go to sleep. We’re living in a nation of overworked, sleep-deprived people, so to increase my happiness, take a daily nap. BTW sleeping is my all time favorite hobby!

Read More here: http://www.girlxplorer.com/yp8s


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