Skin Care Update – Using Pure Tea Tree Oil for Healthy Skin

Hi Girls,

I’ve come up with my new skin care update! These days I am more on using and experimenting natural stuff than using its counterparts from cosmetic shops! Count them like: Lemon, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea, Yogurt Face MaskHoney Hair Mask.

Tea Tree Oil is one of the thing which can be found in my cabinet. Yes, I’ve been using it since 2009 to dabbing it on acne whenever I get. After reading a lot about it, I’ve decided to make it as a one of the necessary product from my skin care regimen as well as on other both parts. Regularly using it from 2 months.

P2270106Still Wondering, Why am I holding the Victoria Secret’s Mist??

P2270112 P2270109

I am not the type of girl, using tons of products on the name of Skin Care Regimen. My daily skin care routine simple includes maximum 3 things for Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing. Some days even this is hard for me to follow ;)

  • Cleansing (Ahaglow S)
  • Toaning (Tea Tree Oil)
  • Moisturising (Dermoz)

Tea Tree Oil: If you’re looking to get rid of pimples, a 5 percent solution of tea tree oil works just as well as the top drugstore acne remedy. Just take a few drops of tea tree oil and dilute it in the clear water and apply to skin once or twice a day with a cotton swab.


I found it lil more time consuming so I just used an idea to reuse my Body Mist Bottle and poured the mixture into it. Easy right?? Now every time I wash my face, I’ll just pat dry it and spray few pumps over my face and wait for a minute to use moisturizer. Tadaaa I’m Done! And I must say I’ve having the acne free skin everBe careful to not overuse it if you’ve sensitive skin.: while gentler than benzoyl peroxide, it can dry out your skin, triggering your body to overproduce its own oils and make your acne worse.

Note: Gals, getting acne free skin is not a one day magic, other factors including hormone fluctuating etc are also responsible to give you the creepy skin ever but if everything is alright, tea tree will surly help to enhance the skin texture.

And to remove dandruff, I just rinse my hair with Tea Tree Oil Diluted Water!


Other great uses of Tea Tree Oil: 

  • To remove makeup
  • To soften dry cuticles
  • To soothe sores
  • To fight foot odor
  • To eliminate toenail fungus
  • To relieve athlete’s foot
  • To treat the chicken pox

4 Creative Ways To Wear Denim

If you have developed a special fondness of a pair of well fitted jeans and you can never say no to a denim jacket you are clearly a fan. But even the most devoted denim lovers sometimes run out of new ideas for their urban denim outfits. I’m here to help you make up your mind on what to wear and how to rediscover your favorite denim pieces.

  • Denim on denim

You can sometimes hear people saying that wearing denim on denim is a fashion faux pas, but that statement is simply false. You can easily spot fashionable people wearing all possible denim combinations: a denim jacket with a pair of jeans, a denim shirt with a pair of jeans or a denim shirt with a denim skirt and so on. One of the best ways to pair denim is to look for different shades of blue worn on different parts of your body or even go for more colorful options and match a classic denim jacket with a pair of red jeans. Does it mean that wearing two denim pieces in the same hue is a fashion mistake? It might surprise you, but no, it is not. All over denim creates a total look that can be very fashionable, just make sure that your styling is right – keep it very modern and add an interesting accessory so that your outfit is not all about the denim you are wearing.

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation Review

Hi Beauties,

How are all doing? Hope you had a great weekend, Well Mine was actually so great.  On Friday, I watched Hunger Games Part 2 and on Saturday, We went for the African Food Festival @ Barbeque Nation. I must say, It was really an Amazing experience.

Anyways as you gals know that I’ve super oily and acne prone skin so I also look for the product which could give me matte finish so I just kept my hands on this product. Check out the full review.

Price: Rs. 200 for 25 ml.

About Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation: Water Based with SPF 8. In shades especially created for Indian Skin Tones.

My Shade: 02

Product Claims: Invisible finish foundation offers perfect blending and full coverage for a flawless almost invisible finish. Read more: GirlXplorer — Exploring beyond the limits..

Fashion Runway Beauty Secrets

Backstage Beauty Secrets | Girlxplorer.

lookcover_560x375_bIf you’ve ever wanted to look like one of the girls from the runway at fashion week but have never been able to pull it off at home then here are many tricks of the trade from hair and makeup. Here are a few exclusive ideas that’ll actually help you to look like one of those dramatic catwalk Cats ;)

Keep your hair grimy  If you ever seen a fashion runway stylist working on a model’s hair, you would have noticed they do apply a lots of product to work it through the hair. The reason is, Hair that’s freshly washed is too much slippery and unbalanced to do much styling. To get that extra hold and tackiness, your hair needs to be unwashed while you style them.

Artistic manicures on false nails Did you know! For fashion runway shows, many of the particularly fashion-forward nail looks are completed on false nails first, and then they are applied to the model’s fingers. While this is very much because false nails can be applied speedily and removed without more ado so the models can move on to their next fashion runway show as it is so much easier to work on a unwavering object than on a real person’s nails. True?

Get an ombre lip For an edgy-looking ombre lip, Most of the makeup artists apply eye shadow on pout like I discussed in my last blog (Party-Perfect Ombre Lips) Wearing ombre lip is too much in trend these days, If you’re looking for something more wearable then you can do choose the combination of colors of your choice and create a look of your choice to achieve similar results.

“Waste” your mascara on lashesExaggerate, thick and even gloppy-looking lashes can be hard to achieve at home for most of the gals when mascaras are designed to keep lashes clump-free. Breaking a tube open and dip your lash wand more enthusiastically into the mascara will help you get more product on it without being partially cleaned off when you pull the wand from the tube. This way you can you can put loads on product to make your lashes look thicker and heavier.

Do you have any runway beauty secret to share with me? 

Party-Perfect Ombre Lips

Party-Perfect Ombre Lips | Girlxplorer.


Web is really confusing place sometimes, especially when it comes to makeup and Product used. People make up their own different terminologies. The stuff you find isn’t always similar to the product you have seen in tutorials and at last, it seems to me like most girls are less interested in makeup and  than concerned about taking the coolest picture for making their blog more presentable.

After trying a million permutations, I finally came up with an easy way to master the gradient Ombre Lips look.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Your favorite lipstick. For me It’s a hot pink.
  • A darker lip-liner (or a darker lipstick and a lip brush)
  • A shimmery, light colored powder eye-shadow
  • A small, flat brush

Prep Lips

Using your finger, apply your favorite lip balm. I used Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm, I am obsessed with it

Beauty Note: Start your ombre lip look out right! Prep your lips with a  great scrub. 


Apply the Darker Lip Color

Apply the darker lipstick color to the middle of your lower lip and smudge it with top lip. I used the deeper color of CoverGirl’s BlastFlipstick in Perky.

Define Your Lines

Use the edge of the darker lip color  paying special attention to the corners of your lips. Blend the liner into the medium lipstick by drawing really short, feathery strokes from outside in.

Apply the Lighter Lip Color

Apply the lighter color to the center of the lip and blot together once. To get the lighter shimmery shade. I’ve used eyeshadow instead of a light lipstick because it sits on top more easily.

Dab the brush in a light eye-shadow and apply it on the middle of your lips, upper and lower, almost in a little circle. Blend it with a brush but I found that it easier to blot it out with my finger.

Tah dah! The Final Look 

Add a touch of colorful eye shadow and a light dusting of blush to finish off this fashion-forward beauty look.

So what do you guys think? Will you guys try these Ombre Lips on yourselves? What’s your favourite colour combination?

Beauty Secrets Revealed by Backstage Artists!

Beauty Secrets Revealed by Backstage Artists! | Girlxplorer.


 Light! Camera! Action!

Show must go on, you better believe, backstage artists are using every expert trick up their sleeves to make sure to give their best @ show after show. From sunkissed look year round to remove stubborn glitter polish, here’s their tricks to get the flawless skin. Lets steal some tricks from the known backstage artists e.g (Diane Kendal, who created gilded lids using Lancôme for Jason Wu) :

1. To apply glitter, Backstage Artists always use a wet brush before dipping into the makeup to prevent the flakes from falling down on cheeks.

2. Do you know how backstage artists achieve an even red nails? let the nail brush fan out while while applying it. Did you ever realize, the red polish gets too thin when keeping the brush straight? Always start with the brush at the cuticle, fan it out, and half of the nail is done already! Don’t be afraid to give lil extra pressure to the brush.

3. To achieve the sunkissed look, Backstage artist Alice Lane for Maybelline suggests not to be afraid to apply foundation just one shade darker than your skintone. Blend thoroughly with a brush.

4. Give your braid a shabby chic, lived-in feel by gently pulling out pieces from the braid. To keep the look together with just the right amount of messiness, finish with great hairspray.

5. To get the quick & smooth pedicure, make sure to start with a layer of ridge filling base coat since toenail surfaces tend to be more uneven.

6. To get the beach waves, Instead curling entire strands just so the middle section of hair leaving the roots and ends out. To finish, instead of brushing, spray head with dry shampoo and tousle. This will not only help hold the style, but also perform double duty to soak up any grease or oil that may form during the day.

7. Removing glitter enhanced nail can be a tough task at times. Soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover and letting it sit on the nail for a minute can ease nail polish removing process.  Never file the glitter off—no filing the natural nail ever!

8. Quick Tip: To create instant dewiness, mix a drop of lotion in your hands and press into face and cheeks.

9. For a sleek low ponytail, always make sure that hair is tight to the scalp. To prevent unwanted volume and add shine slick your hair back with pomade before tying with an elastic.

10. Give  multi-dimensional look to your lids by Adding a shimmery glow with the help of clear lip balm over eyeshadow.

Which beauty tricks will you steal?

Are those Nose Ring Hitting the Streets Again?

GirlXplorer — Exploring beyond the limits..

8192f027da39d9707ad847fb3d4f183aFashionistas have opened up to the concept of wearing a nose ring Again. The most important thing a girl Today, more than tradition, it seems to have become a fashion statement.

Nose Rings are usually worn by the brides to make it look so special, unique and feminine but now this trend has surely become popular on the streets again, Thanks to the our B-Town heroines!

“Earlier women used to wear nose rings only during the wedding ceremonies. But now they are wearing them everywhere – at dinner parties, beaches and even at corporate events,”

There are different kind of nose rings. The most popular are the stud, U-bend, the loop, pins, etc. Sparkling diamond stones, gold or silver studs, pins in different shapes like half moon, foot and silver rings are huge this season. Today not only celebrities but high end society chicks are also joining the club and are seen flaunting these timeless beauties.

1.Segment Nose Rings: This is the most common type of nose ring among the girls and women. They comes in various colors and shapes – waves, thin and fat rings. These rings look excellent on oval face and sharp nose.

2. Beaded Nose Rings: It is also mostly used among teens and also called as Captive Bead Rings which has the traditional look to well with the Kurti and Sari. The ring is a bit heavy here to support the bead and thus these nose rings suit the long faces.

3. Half Beaded Nose Rings: These types of nose rings are opt for round faces. It makes their face look slim. It goes well on party wears.

According to me “It definitely adds a fun edge to the look,” What do you say Gals?

Five Ways to Brighten Your Look This Summer

spark in summer


  • Put on accents of neon, Either as tights or Cropped Jacket…Won’t bite off you if you wear both; P
  • Summer is all about Breezy outfits, Use fabrics that Breath!
  • Use pop tints as make-up accents (Try neon green eyeshadow) see the Magic of your eyes.
  • Break the Rule –have on super-hip spiked sandals and be  in style (even in flats).
  • And Finally, pack your phone with some great piece of Music.