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4 Best Fashion Apps For Fashionistas!

Shopping for new clothes, managing my wardrobe and styling new looks for different occasion is a full time job and Most of the apps I use are either a useless fun or reminders to do important stuff. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have time to put any real time or effort into this.  I downloaded all of my apps for free. Right now, the apps I use mostly are QuizUp and Wikipedia. Have you ever experienced a Wiki rabbit hole where you search for one thing and end up clicking every link until you’re ten pages away from your original search?

Best Fashion Apps For Fashionistas!  PS Dept. Pose jabong shop jabong app fashion apps for iphone fashion apps for android fashion apps 2014 fashion apps cloth app best fashion apps

I just got fed-up of beating around the bush of fashion articles so I’ve rounded up the 4 best fashion apps that can be counted as a next best thing to having your personal stylist. The first is finding inspiration for new outfits, second and third app is shopping for new items, and fourth is keeping track of what’s in your closet and keeping all of your outfits organized.

4 Best Fashion Apps


Best Fashion Apps For Fashionistas!  PS Dept. Pose jabong shop jabong app fashion apps for iphone fashion apps for android fashion apps 2014 fashion apps cloth app best fashion apps

The first thing you need before shopping is finding a new outfit inspiration. Sometimes it’s get hard to know what types of outfits to wear or what to shop for, Right?? Let’s say you’re going out in the evening and notice other girl with the same outfit you didn’t like but seeing the same great outfit on her gives you the inspiration and idea of how you want to dress, or to find new ways to put together items you may already have in your wardrobe. Your search for outfits inspiration app ends here, Pose is a great app for this and you can open the app’s daily dashboard to see personalized outfit ideas based on your weather and location.

Pose also serves a big community of fashion bloggers and stylists which allows you to follow the people whose style you like the most and fits your personality as per the current fashion trend and check out their real time photos of what they are wearing. You can even get the idea about what to wear for certain occasions, like to a lunch meeting or to a wedding. One of the greatest feature in this app is that every item on Pose is shoppable, so if you see something, you can buy it right then and there!


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Coloressence Compact Powder Review

Coloressence Compact Powder Review


Hi Girls!

Today I’m reviewing this compact powder, which is not the high end product but a great deal especially for the girls who wants to go glam in reasonable prices!

Price: Rs. 160 for 10g

Coloressence Compact Powder Review

Coloressence Compact Powder Review

What the product says: 

The unique soft textured powder helps to control the sweat and give a smooth coverage to the skin, there by hiding the spots and freckles.

How to use: 

Apply the powder with puff for complete coverage and matt finish

Active Ingredients:

Aloevera Extract, Rose Oil, Clove oil

100% Vegetarian

Coloressence Compact Powder Review

Coloressence Compact Powder Review


My Shade is: Beige

My Take on the Product

The Coloressence Compact Powder comes in a simple yet sleek  Read more @Girlxplorer

Nail Art Inspired By The Affection of My NO COLOUR Bedroom

Hi Girls,

How was your weekend darlings? Well mine was very STRAWBERRY 😉 shyI am usually a big fan of these tiny monsters but yesterday while crushing them intentionally to prepare smoothie, I was attacked by these violent strawberries. I felt so HELPLESS when everything was covered from red liquid in my kitchen :(  who will clean everything!

Even though being an admirer of bold colors, my Bedroom and almost everything here is BLACK and WHITE. It’s not the intention to buy everything colorless but it eventually happened to be everything so colorless. If you came over to my house on any random day of the week, you would most likely find me in the middle of an epic battle against discarding or transferring the stuff here and there to make a balance between colors!

Trust me if you can, while writing this post and sitting on my bed, everything I am seeing here all around me is BLACK and White! check out the pics. Donno why?? Look at my curtains (Silver & Black), furniture, bed-sheet, journal on my bed, my phone and even my laptop and clothes I am wearing right now :) Is it like I am fooling around you??  No girls. check out the pics and get the clue if I am saying true.  Or if you’re secretly thinking it’s just an another excuse to show her chaotic bedroom ;)

Do you remember my last Black Post 🙂 Dr Wellmans Black K1 Arnica Hair Oil Review

I went to my middle room to pick up a nice bold color polish from my Nail Polish holder Rack I created, but I ended up picking just 2 colors initially! you know those colors right??

My Inspirational Bedroom

My Inspirational Bedroom

Now that that long-winded introduction is over, here is how I achieved that Leopard Print looking Columnfrom my bed-sheet. I can see other columns in Zebra or straight lines and it’s usually way too childish for my taste.

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

Plain White Base

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

To get as close as possible to the colored sheet on my bed, I decided to use purple, red and green shade on the base coat to mach it with the bedroom view and painted the two nails with them.  Don’t worry about doing them in a certain order. The random-er, the better.

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

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In Photos: A Taste of Kutch

Hi All,

This small trip to Kutch is possibly one of the most fascinating travel experiences ever just because of the different and antic experiences we had. (Read: Road Tripping to Rural Bhuj) There are very few places in the world that feel like closer to my soul and Mandvi Beach was one of them. I showed up there with a distressed soul struggling and managing daily house chores, on an impulsive trip that I hoped would rejuvenate me And what to say? That place gave me a break time, space and natural beauty to think, write, and appreciate and to live the little joys of life again.

I instantly fell in love with beach the moment I got off from our car and saw the endless blue water and felt burdensome wind slapping my face. Tide was too low, and the the small waves were breaking on the beach, but the view and the warm water – niiice! I stayed there for a couple of hours, trying to be sensible in the fierce sun.

It will take me a few days to digest my small and refreshing trip to kutch. But for the people who have never been to this place, I wanted to give you a quick taste of some of the highlights of this wonderful, captivating place, a place that stole my heart.

Rann Utsav Venue and reception at the right hand side

Authentic huts to stay at Rann Utsav

Authentic huts to stay at Rann Utsav

White rann of Kutch

White Rann of Kutch

Wind Farm Beach Mandvi

Clicking the closer view of White sand Looking Salt

Distant View of White Rann

Distant View of White Rann


Cement factory near white rann kuch

Cement factory near white Rann


Nothing just us

Camel Ride at white Rann

Camel Ride at white Rann

Our Car on the right!

Collecting the memories on white Rann

 Click for More Pics: GirlXplorer

15 Outfits! Narendra Modi in His Best, A Politician cum Style Diva |

Hi Girls,

Today, I’ve taken a different way to explore more about fashion, beauty and outfits! Sill wondering?? Finally, I’ve become the part of Rann Utsav Kutch, say it the food, the culture, white sand, camel riding, traditional dance, Jewelry,  outfits and lots more, so excited about everything which is difficult to scribbled down everything here in words, hope you all could join me to be the part of fest.

This Blog just babble about beauty & Fashion, my captures of Kutch fest will be up soon here is Outfit of the day@ Rann Utsav and Outfit of the day @ Mandvi Beach

I am thankful to Modi ji to give the crazy travelers like me a great opportunity to grab and collect the traveling memories!  After visiting the fest, Ahmadabad city and its outskirts, i was so impressed about the growth part.

Anyways, Did you girls even think of guys?? Like we put on the different clothes for every occasion to indulge in the very moment purely, they do the same. Let’s only talk about Narendra Modi today, I realized even he gets to dress so well as per the different events, speech and cities to personalize with general public. Looking at him in different outfits made to think him as a Fashionista! :) Girls Say, Think & Dream about Fashion but still we lack sometimes, look at him. He is a Diva Girls ;)

Have a look at his 15 different outfits, and say who’s the BEST?? Girls or Boys!

u8_Narendra-modi-001NarendraModi-pti-newNarendra-Modi-Pardaphash-95021narendra-modi-happy-birthday-95225narendra-modi_660_101812073239narendra-Modinarendra-modi (1)Narendra_Modi_Bangalore_rally_PTI_360namo1Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi wears an Indian traditional turban as he sits on the first day of his fast at a convention centre in AhmedabadM_Id_443901_Narendra_ModiM_Id_401783_Narendra_ModiM_Id_397178_ModiM_Id_327976_Narendra_Modiimages

via 15 Outfits! Narendra Modi in His Best, A Politician cum Style Diva |.

OOTD – Girly in Black

Hi Beauties,

Spent my 1st day in Road Tripping to Kutch, observing the white sand, tipping my toes on muddy grounds, gripping my 1st day Indian Ishtyle outfit  and finally said the good bye to calming down Sun . Today is my 2nd day of the trip and I’m witnessing the mesmerizing blues of Mandvi Beach and authenticity of Vijay Vilas Palace which is now converted into the resort.

Being a NO VOICE fan of forts and palaces cause the boredom sometimes but seeing the palace like this after so long was the refreshing one this time and was something I still wasn’t ready for.  Still I showcased some excitement and got to dress in LBD. Have a look at my 2nd day outfit:



15 Things I will Try to Explore Blessings in Life – My Story

Happiness and sadness can run parallel like train tracks in life. I only want to focus on the blessings in life!


After Marriage things have changed… Few are great and few odds. I’ve become so stubborn & sometimes difficult to handle. Small fights just take a hold on my mind and I won’t think anything whole day to make them even more worse. Do I really wish my life to get worse? Why can’t I choose a different way to see my life in better position. Why can’t I bring smile back to the people I fought with? Why can’t I let the small fights fly lightly like a feather and forget in minutes.

Yes, I really need to change the way I look into this world and enhance my life & relations for the good and for the future!

February 2014 will be the month of past and March will be showing up soon. This (March) whole month will be implemented as a Happiness Happens Month, so here are twenty things, I’ll be performing randomly each day to promote my happiness and increase happiness in my marriage and relations.

Be in the minute. Since happiness is in my determination, let’s decide to stay happy each moment and enjoy what that moment is offering to me. Past is gone and can not be changed, rather then regretting, I’ll try to get a better future because the future and all it’s worries has not happened yet. Be present at very moment and purpose in my heart to be happy in the very now.

Take my Bruzzo (Pet) for a walk. He is here for me! He came for me. I am suppose to be responsible for his everything including his health, food, playing, walk, toys etc. He is here when I need a friend & when I need someone to laugh with or to play with. It really reliefs the mental stress when he jumps on me at the funniest moments; lick my face or purr; bring joy and companionship. Makes me to feel to be loved and to love for life and everyone around me :)

LOL – Laugh out loud. Either I’ll Turn on the TV and Watch the comedy show or have fun with Family or pull out the old funny pics of mine with old friends to laugh out loud and roll on the floor. Laughter is good for the soul.

Scent the air. (Necessity for me ;) coz of Bruzzo Potty habits) Citrus scents like Orange or Lemon add an instant burst of joy, and deeper scents like Rose and Sandalwood help relieve stress and bring peace. So try to indulge in them. 

Go to sleep. We’re living in a nation of overworked, sleep-deprived people, so to increase my happiness, take a daily nap. BTW sleeping is my all time favorite hobby!

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5 Things You Should Be Aware Of When Buying Cheap Contact Lenses

Many people have this notion that cheap contact lenses are either defective or the quality is not good. However, the fact is that cheap lenses are not really bad and in some cases you can save quite a bit of money if you shop at the right place. Many people have actually stated that cheap lenses have lasted them longer than more expensive lenses. That said there are a number of things you need to check before you buy cheap lenses either online, offline or from a mail order store.

  • The store should be registered

The number of online and offline stores that sell cheap lenses number in the hundreds. Everywhere from spas to beauty centers, gyms and novelty stores sell contact lenses. However, none of these stores are qualified to sell medical equipment, contact lenses are considered medical items and these stores are not qualified to sell them. Stores that sell contact lenses may not exactly be going against the law in your country but they cannot advice you on which lenses are best for your eyes. They may also not be able to advice you if in the event you run into any problems. This is why it’s best to limit yourself to stores that are licensed to sell medical equipment.

  • They need to specialize in contact lenses

Even though there are an array of online and offline stores that sell cheap contact lenses its best to limit yourself to buying from stores that only sell lenses. The reason being that stores only selling contact lenses will in fact ensure that they have the best quality lenses. These stores among other things will also offer you a strong warranty which means that in the event of defects or any problems you may experience you can exchange them for another set or ask for your money back. If it’s an online store they will have a few days within which you can return the lens if you’re not satisfied with it. This is something that online novelty or beauty stores do not offer because they are dealing in more than one product and contacts are not the only items they sell.

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