5 Things You Should Be Aware Of When Buying Cheap Contact Lenses

Many people have this notion that cheap contact lenses are either defective or the quality is not good. However, the fact is that cheap lenses are not really bad and in some cases you can save quite a bit of money if you shop at the right place. Many people have actually stated that cheap lenses have lasted them longer than more expensive lenses. That said there are a number of things you need to check before you buy cheap lenses either online, offline or from a mail order store.

  • The store should be registered

The number of online and offline stores that sell cheap lenses number in the hundreds. Everywhere from spas to beauty centers, gyms and novelty stores sell contact lenses. However, none of these stores are qualified to sell medical equipment, contact lenses are considered medical items and these stores are not qualified to sell them. Stores that sell contact lenses may not exactly be going against the law in your country but they cannot advice you on which lenses are best for your eyes. They may also not be able to advice you if in the event you run into any problems. This is why it’s best to limit yourself to stores that are licensed to sell medical equipment.

  • They need to specialize in contact lenses

Even though there are an array of online and offline stores that sell cheap contact lenses its best to limit yourself to buying from stores that only sell lenses. The reason being that stores only selling contact lenses will in fact ensure that they have the best quality lenses. These stores among other things will also offer you a strong warranty which means that in the event of defects or any problems you may experience you can exchange them for another set or ask for your money back. If it’s an online store they will have a few days within which you can return the lens if you’re not satisfied with it. This is something that online novelty or beauty stores do not offer because they are dealing in more than one product and contacts are not the only items they sell.

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Please, Stop Damaging Your Hair Like I Did

Please, Stop Damaging Your Hair Like I Did

Two Years of Damage! Colouring, Straightening, Perming, gels, spray, Waxes. I’ve used them all!  

What I’ve done to them, why did I treat them like this?

Hair grows,  This is what I said to myself after damaging my hair to death. But, I neglect the fact that hair doesn’t justgrow back the way I want it to. Doesn’t matter, if I slapped dozens of hydrating hair masks every week. Our hair damage crawls — I realized, they were already not a very good condition and, combined with the external damage I did, my hair is not very happy with me the way I treat them.

Girls! Now this is the time when we need to take a hard look at our lives and ask ourselves: Are we haphazardly destructing our locks?

So, what-else we can do, not to look our locks thin and lose their luster? I did some research with tried & tested few methods on me   with the help of  few experts to figure it out and to stop ruining my locks. From our meal routines to our combing, I never knew the habits I had were totally destructive for my hair.

  • Don’t skip your Breakfast: 

I do it for most of the time but the fact is skipping breakfast means serious bad news for hair. Did you know, our body considers hair to be a nonessential tissue. So, if you avoid putting nutrients in your body in the morning, you’re actually starting a day for you hair which is a great cause behind their damaging story, Well, too bad. This damage will reveal itself by causing hair to shed quickly and grow slowly — if you’re a breakfast skipper like me. The quick fix is to start the day with protein and a complex carbohydrate to make sure that the nonessential tissue can get what it needs to grow.

How To Save A Fortune On Fashion | Girlxplorer

There are so many companies out there that sell clothes at prices that are just not affordable. It isn’t difficult to understand how or why people take such a disliking to these major companies that just aren’t interested in the bank balance of their customers and would rather rip them off to make a profit.

After all business is business and I can totally understand that but companies are just taking advantage these days. Spending time researching and working out where you can get the best deal is quite simple, there are lots of ways out there to save money you just have to know where to look.

This article will highlight three simple ways in which you can save an absolute fortune on clothing.

There are a million and one companies out there that offer such opportunities, it is just down to you to spend the right amount of time and consideration working out whether this is the way you want to go.


Like anything it is important to do your research. There are so many different companies out there that can offer you all you need in terms of fashion and you can save a serious amount of money doing so too. As I have mentioned previously we live in the world of the internet and it is therefore essential that you spend some time online researching.

You would be a fool not to make use of the breadth of information available online at your disposal. It is important that you take your time, there is no use just rushing into buying something that you haven’t properly researching.

It is paramount that all angles of the internet is explored as well as stores that offer discount clothing, fashion and clothing in general is an area where a lot of money can be saved, providing you know what you are doing.


This is in my opinion the best way to save your fortune on fashion. There are many UK based wholesale clothing companies out there and they can save you an absolute fortune on fashion. You have to be willing to leave your house and head out into the town to find them but when you do you won’t be able to contain yourself.

The options are just amazing and you can buy tens of items at any one time at a fraction of the price you would pay on the high street. Again the focus has to be on research, you must work out what companies you want to visit because not all of them are suitable or will offer you clothing styles to suit.


You have got to be willing to shop around and be patient. There are a lot of options for you but there is no use jumping in a buying the first thing you see. Do your research and have in mind a price you are willing to pay, it is easy to get carried away and spend the money you would otherwise have saved on numerous garments.

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4 Creative Ways To Wear Denim

If you have developed a special fondness of a pair of well fitted jeans and you can never say no to a denim jacket you are clearly a fan. But even the most devoted denim lovers sometimes run out of new ideas for their urban denim outfits. I’m here to help you make up your mind on what to wear and how to rediscover your favorite denim pieces.

  • Denim on denim

You can sometimes hear people saying that wearing denim on denim is a fashion faux pas, but that statement is simply false. You can easily spot fashionable people wearing all possible denim combinations: a denim jacket with a pair of jeans, a denim shirt with a pair of jeans or a denim shirt with a denim skirt and so on. One of the best ways to pair denim is to look for different shades of blue worn on different parts of your body or even go for more colorful options and match a classic denim jacket with a pair of red jeans. Does it mean that wearing two denim pieces in the same hue is a fashion mistake? It might surprise you, but no, it is not. All over denim creates a total look that can be very fashionable, just make sure that your styling is right – keep it very modern and add an interesting accessory so that your outfit is not all about the denim you are wearing.

My Big, Fat & Juicy Valentine’s Celebrations in Pics | Girlxplorer

Hi Everyone,

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” – Maya Angelou

How was your day with your Mens?? Well, mine was like, I had mixed feelings about Valentine’s Celebrations. On the blog, I looked so much excited with mindful of interesting ideas about V-day but on the other hand side, I didn’t carry enough plans to celebrate it with my men.

After spending all day alone, seemed like just another Friday to me, By 6 o’cl. I was given some sudden instructions to wear something classy and let me tell you, everything just turned out to be so well-planned for V-Day celebrations. Wooooahhh everything happened Unexpectedly great!!

Last time, I shared the idea to Enjoy whatever it is,  

“For few, Valentine’s Day can be a red velvet-covered minefield of overly expectations. If you catch yourself staring at your beloved continuously about half way through a 17-dish tasting menu with a hungry belly and wondering “Really? This is it? This guy?” — Chill and sit at your back! Valentine’s Day is just a day for some nice romantic excuses. Appreciate the ambiance, the food, the wonderful, perfectly-imperfect person across from you, yourself an everything around you.”

Check out my, Big, Fat & Juicy Valentine’s Celebrations here”



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Why Valentine’s Day is So Important for Girls

To make an effort to understand different sex on earth, I started grasping some knowledge from the Book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which helped me to justify the ample reasons about “Why Women Make A Big Deal Out Of Valentine’s Day” and on the other hand why  Mars Lovers always  Forget Valentine’s Day.”

I understand that there’s something cheesy and popular about teddy bears holding hearts, foil-wrapped chocolates shaped like roses. Girls demand a little extra Tender Little Care and some flowers too, Why? Why do they make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day?

Ohk Let me figure out the Reason no. 1

Coz We Deserve It Guys! 

If guys are spending Valentine’s Day solo means either they would be happily watching  Sports Channel or playing Video Games, but for chicks, spending the “holiday” alone can suck. For starters, restaurants, movie theaters and even freakin’ drugstores are  out of limits. And all of our coupled-up friends are busy sipping champagne, drinks or getting engaged. So, when Valentine’s Day rolls around and we have a guy in our lives, I bet you girls, we’re going to celebrate.

Reason no. 2: Make us feel that early-in-the-relationship Love 

Whether you’re in the agony of just-met joy, males and females both tend to let romantic gestures fall by the wayside. Even if your guy who waited outside your bedroom window holding some guitar to hope to play melodious romantic song to show your love, chances are his ideas of romance has backslid since then. So, for all those men with age old ideas out there whose most romantic gesture in recent history has been to let her commandeer the remote, So guys, It’s a reason to remind us why we fell in love with you in the first place. Read More @  GirlXplorer — Exploring beyond the limits..

Celebrate a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Girls, Valentine’s Day is on its way and soon couples will be all wrapped in Love. I bet it might be one your favorite holiday and you want your men to make you feel so differently. The best way to make this day exclusive for both of you is to make it awesome. This is the year when you will bring the wood on Valentine’s Day and trust me It’s really not that difficult.

“Passionate Love” is something that I think a lot of couples miss, in spite of everyone desiring it — especially you girls. The basic rule you need to accept on Valentine’s Day is that it’s all about you. There’s everything about you on this day. It’s a bitter fact but you’ve got to become the most selfish women out there at-least on Valentine’s Day. You deserve to get the royal treatment by your partner from beginning to end, regardless of how you feel on regular days.

To be honest with you darlings, I think Valentine’s Day is a useful holiday. I know I’m not the only girl who feels this way to bug off . Every women wants to feel special on this day. From the moment, we wake up in the morning, we’re waiting for our Valentine’s Day surprises, like kids on Christmas, Right??

If you stay together and he does nothing in the morning before you go to work, take it like he has already spoiled his day himself. He has already made you anxious and going to hear from you all day long.

So my suggestion to all of you guys: Wake up, Cook her breakfast, make her coffee and send her out with a cup to go. Bonus points if you bought some Fresh Red Roses last night and give her in bed before she ready to take bath.

Do special you don’t normally do on regular days. That way, when she reach office and hears her colleagues saying “You won’t believe what my partner did,” she’ll be able to enjoy the conversation as well as share her romantic experience, too.

Once, the flowers from her colleagues’ husbands and boyfriends start showing up, all the women are going to be gossiping. So make sure that on Valentine’s Day you don’t skip to send her a gift to the office — something cute, maybe just a card with the expressions of your feelings for her, or one flower, or maybe just an email with a romantic song. Or maybe you can send her few songs about the way you feel about her during the day — something unique, because she’s going to be talking to girls as well as waiting some special feelings all day long .

That’s what women do — she doesn’t want to feel like she is ignored on Valentine’s Day, especially in front of anyone else.

This day, just forget about the meetings and the expensive restaurant meal. She already knows, you can spend in restaurant. Create the most intimate picnic you’ve ever had at home to make her feel so special.

And that special picnic is going to be in your living room. Just light the entire living room with candles and put on some great music. Put  some rose petals all along the blanket and keep some heart shape balloons in the entrance of your house. Now make sure to create romance as she walks in. Tell her to be at house in the evening because you have a great surprise for her.

Suggest your girl to wear something that makes her look sexy. She will be walking in, music will be playing, candles lit all around, and you guys are going to sit down in the middle of your living room to have a picnic with a  bottle of nice wine. So far this Valentine’s Day will be the most romantic one, she will ever have.

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Bingo Inspired Fashion Trend!

Retro and Greek:

Bingo has been making a comeback in this modern age where hipster culture is rampant among the youth. The love of bingo and anything old school has sprung a new age of creative fashion and style that not only defies branding, but also creates a sense of personal customization that is unique as the individual who wears it. The best part of hipster fashion? Most of it is pre-loved items.



Nothing represents the 50’s and the 60’s like bingo. The iconic red and white, stripes of different colours and polka dots may not be gracing the red carpet anytime soon, but it’s a great design for nail art. It’s easy to make, starting with a white base, then using different colours to draw the stripes. It’s a simple design you can embellish on and you can keep changing them to suit your needs. Apart from stripes, you can also do dots with bingo daubers. Working with a white background allows you to use the coloured pens from this timeless game.

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Outfit for the Lazy Day

Working from home can make you so inactive and lazy sometimes and for me, it means working all day in your pyjamas or middy. Especially it is even worst when you’re sick and advised to be on bed rest from last 10 days…..  To beat the blues and to look alive, I decided to go for the minimal dress up this morning.

Trust me, I realised dressing up at home inspired me to leave the bed  & start engaging with others and social life. It really created an office-like environment and helped me to be positive and enjoy my life again. Here is the picture of my first lazy day.



Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas

Hug Day Pretty Couple WallpaperIn love? Well, Good for you!

You feel like as though you’re running through a wildflower-carpeted grass land holding hands of each other and laughing. Exactly you don’t need any advice to make love and celebrate your day with special one you could celebrate it by sharing some love and a pack of Juicy Fruit at the local cafe and it would still look like the best day of your life.

Married from years and want some joy and a time away from daily chores ? It’s a great life, but maybe not always that .sexy. A change of wallpaper is important sometimes so Get on the Road!  Escape for a romantic Getaway. No matter where you are on the roller coaster of romance, few tips can help your holiday to make it memorable and fun.

  1. Plan Something. If you fall into the New Couple category, its the best to ignore this tip — your only activity is “being in love.” That’s it! Rest of you Gals! Don’t try to look a poor chap girl sitting & waiting to get initiated to have fun by the partner, Com’on you’re the girl from 21st century… Stand up, Do something active and brand new activity with your longtime love to fire the flames of your boring relationship again. Skiing, evening walk on the beach, watercolor class, yoga, exhaustive research into local cafe…Look for a destination that offers something you always wanted to try once in your lifetime. I bet you’ll feel more alive in life.

2. Rose petals in the bathtub could do the Magic. A bottle of champagne or chocolate-dipped strawberries are the things from past. It’s a great idea to present your love with something unique — like new spelunking equipment — Call ahead and check if your hotel or any club has a V-Day special offering.  If not, most hotels will be happy to arrange something great for you like champagne and flowers and good music with a candle light dinner. Traveling with buddies? Skip this step and go directly to the spa or mountain bike trails.

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