OOTD – Girly in Black

Hi Beauties,

Spent my 1st day in Road Tripping to Kutch, observing the white sand, tipping my toes on muddy grounds, gripping my 1st day Indian Ishtyle outfit  and finally said the good bye to calming down Sun . Today is my 2nd day of the trip and I’m witnessing the mesmerizing blues of Mandvi Beach and authenticity of Vijay Vilas Palace which is now converted into the resort.

Being a NO VOICE fan of forts and palaces cause the boredom sometimes but seeing the palace like this after so long was the refreshing one this time and was something I still wasn’t ready for.  Still I showcased some excitement and got to dress in LBD. Have a look at my 2nd day outfit:




Boho-chic Black Dress

The week seemed to have passed by us all very quickly.  But the party spirits seem to still be up in me. In tandem with that, I’m heading out for an early-drinks with my friends tonight. The weather in Surat right now is slightly cold or you can say is mixed and the party scenes have shifted to quaint rooftop bars that enjoy the view of the old-world Delhi.  Here in Surat, whatever you fancy. I’m going to be spending my evening in a undertow of modernism against the background of the old school charm. Thus, the ‘effort’ to get dressed appropriately is  going to be minimal. My style take on for this evening is boho-chic, considering the party place and the time, thus, inspiring me to dress down for the occasion. Take a look at what I’ve put together for my Friday night fun out: Still need to put on some accessories and slap some makeup on my face.