Coloressence Compact Powder Review

Coloressence Compact Powder Review


Hi Girls!

Today I’m reviewing this compact powder, which is not the high end product but a great deal especially for the girls who wants to go glam in reasonable prices!

Price: Rs. 160 for 10g

Coloressence Compact Powder Review

Coloressence Compact Powder Review

What the product says: 

The unique soft textured powder helps to control the sweat and give a smooth coverage to the skin, there by hiding the spots and freckles.

How to use: 

Apply the powder with puff for complete coverage and matt finish

Active Ingredients:

Aloevera Extract, Rose Oil, Clove oil

100% Vegetarian

Coloressence Compact Powder Review

Coloressence Compact Powder Review


My Shade is: Beige

My Take on the Product

The Coloressence Compact Powder comes in a simple yet sleek  Read more @Girlxplorer


15 Outfits! Narendra Modi in His Best, A Politician cum Style Diva |

Hi Girls,

Today, I’ve taken a different way to explore more about fashion, beauty and outfits! Sill wondering?? Finally, I’ve become the part of Rann Utsav Kutch, say it the food, the culture, white sand, camel riding, traditional dance, Jewelry,  outfits and lots more, so excited about everything which is difficult to scribbled down everything here in words, hope you all could join me to be the part of fest.

This Blog just babble about beauty & Fashion, my captures of Kutch fest will be up soon here is Outfit of the day@ Rann Utsav and Outfit of the day @ Mandvi Beach

I am thankful to Modi ji to give the crazy travelers like me a great opportunity to grab and collect the traveling memories!  After visiting the fest, Ahmadabad city and its outskirts, i was so impressed about the growth part.

Anyways, Did you girls even think of guys?? Like we put on the different clothes for every occasion to indulge in the very moment purely, they do the same. Let’s only talk about Narendra Modi today, I realized even he gets to dress so well as per the different events, speech and cities to personalize with general public. Looking at him in different outfits made to think him as a Fashionista! :) Girls Say, Think & Dream about Fashion but still we lack sometimes, look at him. He is a Diva Girls ;)

Have a look at his 15 different outfits, and say who’s the BEST?? Girls or Boys!

u8_Narendra-modi-001NarendraModi-pti-newNarendra-Modi-Pardaphash-95021narendra-modi-happy-birthday-95225narendra-modi_660_101812073239narendra-Modinarendra-modi (1)Narendra_Modi_Bangalore_rally_PTI_360namo1Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi wears an Indian traditional turban as he sits on the first day of his fast at a convention centre in AhmedabadM_Id_443901_Narendra_ModiM_Id_401783_Narendra_ModiM_Id_397178_ModiM_Id_327976_Narendra_Modiimages

via 15 Outfits! Narendra Modi in His Best, A Politician cum Style Diva |.

Please, Stop Damaging Your Hair Like I Did

Please, Stop Damaging Your Hair Like I Did

Two Years of Damage! Colouring, Straightening, Perming, gels, spray, Waxes. I’ve used them all!  

What I’ve done to them, why did I treat them like this?

Hair grows,  This is what I said to myself after damaging my hair to death. But, I neglect the fact that hair doesn’t justgrow back the way I want it to. Doesn’t matter, if I slapped dozens of hydrating hair masks every week. Our hair damage crawls — I realized, they were already not a very good condition and, combined with the external damage I did, my hair is not very happy with me the way I treat them.

Girls! Now this is the time when we need to take a hard look at our lives and ask ourselves: Are we haphazardly destructing our locks?

So, what-else we can do, not to look our locks thin and lose their luster? I did some research with tried & tested few methods on me   with the help of  few experts to figure it out and to stop ruining my locks. From our meal routines to our combing, I never knew the habits I had were totally destructive for my hair.

  • Don’t skip your Breakfast: 

I do it for most of the time but the fact is skipping breakfast means serious bad news for hair. Did you know, our body considers hair to be a nonessential tissue. So, if you avoid putting nutrients in your body in the morning, you’re actually starting a day for you hair which is a great cause behind their damaging story, Well, too bad. This damage will reveal itself by causing hair to shed quickly and grow slowly — if you’re a breakfast skipper like me. The quick fix is to start the day with protein and a complex carbohydrate to make sure that the nonessential tissue can get what it needs to grow.

4 Creative Ways To Wear Denim

If you have developed a special fondness of a pair of well fitted jeans and you can never say no to a denim jacket you are clearly a fan. But even the most devoted denim lovers sometimes run out of new ideas for their urban denim outfits. I’m here to help you make up your mind on what to wear and how to rediscover your favorite denim pieces.

  • Denim on denim

You can sometimes hear people saying that wearing denim on denim is a fashion faux pas, but that statement is simply false. You can easily spot fashionable people wearing all possible denim combinations: a denim jacket with a pair of jeans, a denim shirt with a pair of jeans or a denim shirt with a denim skirt and so on. One of the best ways to pair denim is to look for different shades of blue worn on different parts of your body or even go for more colorful options and match a classic denim jacket with a pair of red jeans. Does it mean that wearing two denim pieces in the same hue is a fashion mistake? It might surprise you, but no, it is not. All over denim creates a total look that can be very fashionable, just make sure that your styling is right – keep it very modern and add an interesting accessory so that your outfit is not all about the denim you are wearing.

LED Lights for Perfect Skin

LED Light skin treatment | Girlxplorer.

LED-lights-health-hazardThis is a new-age beauty trick, that you can call it a light therapy, LED therapy. These lights are phenomenal for skin care and tissue healing. Especially if you have acne prone skin, the red & blue combination will clear you acne in about 12 weeks, just about using it 20 min a day. Huge athletes like kobe Bryant, get put under red lights when he gets injured but it helps the tissues to heal faster.

 “NASA’s studies have shown that cells which have been exposed to LED Light Therapy  have a 150% enhancement to their celluar metabolism, thereby acccelerating the repair and replenishment of damaged cells”.

  • Red LED Light Therapy may improve the following:

Aging Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage & Chronic Sensitivities such as Rosacea

  • Blue LED Light Therapy may improve the following:

Inflamed and non-inflamed acne conditions

  • Green LED Light Therapy may improve the following:

Pigment Lesions (Solar Lentigines, Melasma and Chloasma)

  • Yellow LED Light Therapy may improve the following:

Blood/Lymph Circulation

And there is not downside; its completely healthy got the skin.

Would you give it a try? Let me know  in comments, what you think about this therapy.

Are those Nose Ring Hitting the Streets Again?

GirlXplorer — Exploring beyond the limits..

8192f027da39d9707ad847fb3d4f183aFashionistas have opened up to the concept of wearing a nose ring Again. The most important thing a girl Today, more than tradition, it seems to have become a fashion statement.

Nose Rings are usually worn by the brides to make it look so special, unique and feminine but now this trend has surely become popular on the streets again, Thanks to the our B-Town heroines!

“Earlier women used to wear nose rings only during the wedding ceremonies. But now they are wearing them everywhere – at dinner parties, beaches and even at corporate events,”

There are different kind of nose rings. The most popular are the stud, U-bend, the loop, pins, etc. Sparkling diamond stones, gold or silver studs, pins in different shapes like half moon, foot and silver rings are huge this season. Today not only celebrities but high end society chicks are also joining the club and are seen flaunting these timeless beauties.

1.Segment Nose Rings: This is the most common type of nose ring among the girls and women. They comes in various colors and shapes – waves, thin and fat rings. These rings look excellent on oval face and sharp nose.

2. Beaded Nose Rings: It is also mostly used among teens and also called as Captive Bead Rings which has the traditional look to well with the Kurti and Sari. The ring is a bit heavy here to support the bead and thus these nose rings suit the long faces.

3. Half Beaded Nose Rings: These types of nose rings are opt for round faces. It makes their face look slim. It goes well on party wears.

According to me “It definitely adds a fun edge to the look,” What do you say Gals?

Lakme CC Cream Review & Swatches


Some beauty trends slap you in the face, Others sneak up on you. A product here, a product there, next thing you know even your favourite Brand has launched the new stuff.

Well the new sleeper beauty trend is straight out of Asia (surprise, surprise) and it’s an Alphabet Cream… Yes Yes I am talking about the Lakme CC Cream. These days every girl is ready to bend over her backward for this new CC Cream by Lakme so am I.

I’ve got a drawer full of Foundation to make my skin feel “Celebrity Face “But every product is not made for everybody. I was looking for something which could not just enhance my look but could protect it too and Viola! Finally I have got the blessing in Disguise and got the opportunity to review the product.


Price: INR 250

What’s this CC?: As the product tube says it is “Complexion Care Cream”.

About the Product: Lakme CC cream is a complexion care cream and works as an instant skin stylist with SPF 20. Protects, Moisturizes, Brightens, Evens tone, Conceals & Freshens

Usage:Use everyday over cleansed skin for optimal results

My skin Type: I have oily skin which is prone to whitehead.


My Take on for Lakme CC Cream

They Say “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words” yup that’s really true actually. Brand has come up with this great trick and knows the current trend of bright colours. Brand has read our mind gals J   The packaging is really sleek and in Bright colour which really pushed me to buy the product.

This CC Cream comes in traditional tube packaging which is beige tube with a single individual silver cap. This tube packaging makes it travel friendly and you can easily carry it in your purse or clutch. The cap has a hole which dispense right amount of product and little quantity is required for single application on neck and face.


This CC cream has slightly thicker consistency than other regular foundations but it sinks in fast which is really good especially for oily skin. It has a lesser greasy formula then the BB cream I tried from Garnier and it doesn’t leave a white cast after application.  It has a fragrance which looks little strong to me but it is not over powering. I am using it from last 1 month and I haven’t experienced any break out’s yet.

Lakme cream is not only works as a makeup base but I am also happy that it protects my skin from tan too and I tan less now after sun exposure. And the great thing is while using this cream, i don’t even need to slap on sunscreen on my oily face.  It work’s great as a makeup base as it makes my skin silky smooth and soft after application, I don’t need a moisturizer after using it. And the small amount of CC cream goes a long way.


In Short, I am really happy with this Instant skin stylist which means no more scars and uneven tone. So, if you’re looking for a good makeup base with SPF then you must buy one…. I highly recommend this cream everyone out there.

What I like about Lakme CC Cream

  • It’s light and non-greasy which makes it apt for oily skin types
  • It has SPF 20 which is really great for summers
  • Small amount of CC cream goes a long way
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • I didn’t get any breakouts
  • Leaves skin smooth, bright and even toned
  • All in 1 Cream
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Works great as a make-up Base

What I don’t like about Lakme CC Cream

  • Has strong smell
  • Some might find it pricey but it’s worth every penny

Will I Repurchase?? Definitely, it’s a very satisfactory purchase, I’ve done

Stars: 4.5/5

Alphabetical creams by other Brands: Ponds, Garnier, Colorbar, Oriflame