Nail Art Inspired By The Affection of My NO COLOUR Bedroom

Hi Girls,

How was your weekend darlings? Well mine was very STRAWBERRY 😉 shyI am usually a big fan of these tiny monsters but yesterday while crushing them intentionally to prepare smoothie, I was attacked by these violent strawberries. I felt so HELPLESS when everything was covered from red liquid in my kitchen :(  who will clean everything!

Even though being an admirer of bold colors, my Bedroom and almost everything here is BLACK and WHITE. It’s not the intention to buy everything colorless but it eventually happened to be everything so colorless. If you came over to my house on any random day of the week, you would most likely find me in the middle of an epic battle against discarding or transferring the stuff here and there to make a balance between colors!

Trust me if you can, while writing this post and sitting on my bed, everything I am seeing here all around me is BLACK and White! check out the pics. Donno why?? Look at my curtains (Silver & Black), furniture, bed-sheet, journal on my bed, my phone and even my laptop and clothes I am wearing right now :) Is it like I am fooling around you??  No girls. check out the pics and get the clue if I am saying true.  Or if you’re secretly thinking it’s just an another excuse to show her chaotic bedroom ;)

Do you remember my last Black Post 🙂 Dr Wellmans Black K1 Arnica Hair Oil Review

I went to my middle room to pick up a nice bold color polish from my Nail Polish holder Rack I created, but I ended up picking just 2 colors initially! you know those colors right??

My Inspirational Bedroom

My Inspirational Bedroom

Now that that long-winded introduction is over, here is how I achieved that Leopard Print looking Columnfrom my bed-sheet. I can see other columns in Zebra or straight lines and it’s usually way too childish for my taste.

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

Plain White Base

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

To get as close as possible to the colored sheet on my bed, I decided to use purple, red and green shade on the base coat to mach it with the bedroom view and painted the two nails with them.  Don’t worry about doing them in a certain order. The random-er, the better.

Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

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Newspaper Nail Tutorial


  • Apply a dual coat light color nail paint of your choice, it could be white or off white.
  • Let it dry for few minutes.
  • Now you have 2 choices,,, either dip the newspaper/map in alcohal for 2 min or dip your painted nails for 5 min.
  • Whatever the choice you make, press the newspaper on your dipped nails for few seconds..
  • Newspaper print will get transferred to your nails and thats it!
  • At last just secure your nail print with the clear top coat and you are done 🙂