Are those Nose Ring Hitting the Streets Again?

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8192f027da39d9707ad847fb3d4f183aFashionistas have opened up to the concept of wearing a nose ring Again. The most important thing a girl Today, more than tradition, it seems to have become a fashion statement.

Nose Rings are usually worn by the brides to make it look so special, unique and feminine but now this trend has surely become popular on the streets again, Thanks to the our B-Town heroines!

“Earlier women used to wear nose rings only during the wedding ceremonies. But now they are wearing them everywhere – at dinner parties, beaches and even at corporate events,”

There are different kind of nose rings. The most popular are the stud, U-bend, the loop, pins, etc. Sparkling diamond stones, gold or silver studs, pins in different shapes like half moon, foot and silver rings are huge this season. Today not only celebrities but high end society chicks are also joining the club and are seen flaunting these timeless beauties.

1.Segment Nose Rings: This is the most common type of nose ring among the girls and women. They comes in various colors and shapes – waves, thin and fat rings. These rings look excellent on oval face and sharp nose.

2. Beaded Nose Rings: It is also mostly used among teens and also called as Captive Bead Rings which has the traditional look to well with the Kurti and Sari. The ring is a bit heavy here to support the bead and thus these nose rings suit the long faces.

3. Half Beaded Nose Rings: These types of nose rings are opt for round faces. It makes their face look slim. It goes well on party wears.

According to me “It definitely adds a fun edge to the look,” What do you say Gals?