About Me


Ohh. Haii

I’m Payal Pandya from Delhi Ooopssss its Surat now.
May 10, 1987
Twwenty Six! Yeay! Well, it’s just a number for me.

They say, Dun bother about your AGE …… Let’s LIVE the LIFE as much as you can!!!  So i follow the same Rule.

Payal ♥ Kunal
‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ to ‘Z’
Sorry, but there’s no more study since I’m Masters alreadyy.
So I’m free and no more depression in my life at all.
I am an Indian which I’m proud to be & a full-time Beauty Blogger to share Product trials and experiences!

I’ve been told that I’m cute (^.^)
Just saying and I really mean it.
‘Love Me’
‘Hate Me‘
Thank’s for your love ♥ and Thank’s a lot for the hate.
You know what, Haters Make Me Famous.
So keep HATE-ing me.
Who know’s, I can be like a celebrity one day.
Laughing My ….. Off.

I just want to live a life without worries, where I can just be me without fear of being judged. I want to let go of the past, live the present and dream of the future.
Yes I have one!
Not just 1 but 4
Ummm! Makes me Happy…

I like: 

  • Shopping
  • Eating (A lot; Pizzas & Pastas are my all time favorite.)
  • traveling (I never met a destination I didn’t like.)
  • reading inspirational and self-help books
  • perfumes (All the florals and musky)
  • time with my friends
  • singing (Yes, I’m a full time bathroom singer)
  • writing in bed
  • rooftop bars

My Wishlist:  26 THINGS TO DO WHILE I AM 26

I don’t like:

  • getting up in the morning
  • ginger (It is the devil weed.)
  • throwing my pet’s potty (Which i have to do it daily)
  • house cleaning
  • cooking

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