Party-Perfect Ombre Lips

Party-Perfect Ombre Lips | Girlxplorer.


Web is really confusing place sometimes, especially when it comes to makeup and Product used. People make up their own different terminologies. The stuff you find isn’t always similar to the product you have seen in tutorials and at last, it seems to me like most girls are less interested in makeup and  than concerned about taking the coolest picture for making their blog more presentable.

After trying a million permutations, I finally came up with an easy way to master the gradient Ombre Lips look.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Your favorite lipstick. For me It’s a hot pink.
  • A darker lip-liner (or a darker lipstick and a lip brush)
  • A shimmery, light colored powder eye-shadow
  • A small, flat brush

Prep Lips

Using your finger, apply your favorite lip balm. I used Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm, I am obsessed with it

Beauty Note: Start your ombre lip look out right! Prep your lips with a  great scrub. 


Apply the Darker Lip Color

Apply the darker lipstick color to the middle of your lower lip and smudge it with top lip. I used the deeper color of CoverGirl’s BlastFlipstick in Perky.

Define Your Lines

Use the edge of the darker lip color  paying special attention to the corners of your lips. Blend the liner into the medium lipstick by drawing really short, feathery strokes from outside in.

Apply the Lighter Lip Color

Apply the lighter color to the center of the lip and blot together once. To get the lighter shimmery shade. I’ve used eyeshadow instead of a light lipstick because it sits on top more easily.

Dab the brush in a light eye-shadow and apply it on the middle of your lips, upper and lower, almost in a little circle. Blend it with a brush but I found that it easier to blot it out with my finger.

Tah dah! The Final Look 

Add a touch of colorful eye shadow and a light dusting of blush to finish off this fashion-forward beauty look.

So what do you guys think? Will you guys try these Ombre Lips on yourselves? What’s your favourite colour combination?


Got a feedback for me??

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